Breathe Season 2 Episode 5 Recap/Review: Connections

Now I’m getting a little worried.  A lot moves forward in this episode, and we aren’t even halfway down with the season.  Which means in order to not resolve it all within the next couple episodes, there will have to be some pretty ridiculous twists.  Or maybe not!  Maybe they will pull it off.  But I’m worried. (index of reviews here)

Story: Abhishek and Nithya are now fighting on two fronts, planning their next murder and also inserting themselves into the police investigation in order to hide evidence and (hopefully) steer the police to the real killer.  Nithya continues to work on their new target, visiting her home and arranging a roadtrip together with plans to seduce and kill her then.  But she is surprised to discover an old photo at the house that shows her target with a child Abhishek.  Abhishek remembers, she was visiting her grandfather at the tourist town where he went to school, they were friends for a summer.  They set that aside to focus on killing her, and covering their tracks.  Abhishek goes to the police claiming he had a patient who used to call on the phone who was obsessed with punishment for sins, that might be the killer, and Amit welcomes him into the investigation.  Amit is also connecting with Plabita still, she invites him out for coffee and they end up enjoying a roller coaster together.  And finally at the end, we see the connection between Abhishek and the kidnapper…..they have the same face!

The Kidnapper - Teaser | Breathe - Into The Shadows | Amazon ...

First, gotta say one brilliant part of them having the same face is that the show can use a famous actor for the “villain” role without spoiling it in anyway.  Second, obviously this is not Abhishek pretending to kidnap his own child, it can’t be as simple as that.  Most likely it is an evil twin situation, some crippled hidden relative who resents Abhishek’s happiness.  Alternatively, it could be a split personality thing, with “good” Abhishek not realizing what “bad” Abhishek is doing.

Second, fun to have Abhishek and Amit in the same room interacting as soon as episode 5.  That’s a problem in general with these “follow the cop and criminal separately” kind of shows, you have two leads and they never meet until the final episode.  This show solves that both by having Abhishek be a police psychologist, and by having Abhishek be smart enough to know the importance of inserting himself into the investigation in order to protect himself.

Third, great connection between Nithya and the new target.  She tells her that she is married and has a daughter, but it is an unhappy marriage and she is just in it for the sake of her daughter.  That lie is close enough to the truth that it lets her open up a bit, about her guilt over her daughter, about feeling disconnected from her marriage, and so on.  Still sexy too.

Like I said, my main worry is where we go from here.  Nithya is struggling with the second murder, we already know the kidnapper’s face, Abhishek has embedded himself in the investigation, and Plabita is there as the innocent who could be in danger, this whole thing could be done in like two hours.  Second murder goes wrong, Abhishek tries too hard to hide the DNA, Amit figures out the truth, Plabita gets in danger, big shoot out, OVER.  If that’s not what is going to happen, then something very strange will need to go on in the next episode.

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