Breathe Season 2 Episode 4 Recap/Review: Surprising New Couples (Lesbians!)

If I am reading this correctly, this season has 12 episodes instead of 8 in the first season.  Sometimes longer seasons can lead to confusion and blind alleys in the narrative as the show tries to fill more time than expected.  So far, I think this show is going the opposite direction. The first season sometimes felt rushed, and too many things at once.  This season is much more relaxed and enjoying the journey. (full index of reviews here)

Story: This episode is about putting unexpected people together, in a romantical fashion.  Nithya and Abhishek decide that the best chance for creating Lust in their new target is if Nithya seduces her.  The center of the episode is Nithya arranging a seemingly accidental meeting as coached by Abhishek, they vibe well together and agree for a second meeting which is when Nithya will bring her to lust and then kill her.  Nithya and Abhishek also, FINALLY, start trying to think about who the kidnapper might be, starting by considering Abhishek’s patients who may have decided to use him for his psychological abilities to invent psychological tortures. They also figure out that each victim is meant to represent a sin of Raavan, one of his 10 heads/sins, and they are chosen by their general innocence (make the calmest man in the world angry, create Lust in a Lesbian in a committed relationship). Framing that are two meetings of Amit and Plabita.  A year ago, we see that he pushed her off a building to get her out of the way of a gun, thus crippling her.  In the present, they meet again and she recognizes him and casually forgives him, understands that he did it to save her life.  And then there is the comic new couple, the Delhi constable who is in a lowkey battle with Abhishek’s loyal Bombay constable.  And finally, most upsetting, the Bombay constable who meets an old girlfriend running a café near the police station.  NO!!!!  His marriage gives me faith in the world!!!!

Not affected by the box office performance of my movies: 'Breathe ...

First, it must be said, Nithya makes a dead sexy Lesbian.  Sexy in this, sexy in Awe, sexy in Rudhramadevi (even though that wasn’t supposed to be a Lesbian, it could sure be read that way).  Can’t decide if she is just a really good actress who creates amazing natural chemistry with any scene partner, or if there is something about her physical look that makes her sexier with a woman than a man.  Anyway, soooooo much chemistry with the target in this episode.  It works great for the plot, we are seeing her pull more and more away from Abhishek as the stress hits them, and now we are seeing her being relaxed and sexy and natural with a relaxed and confident and sexy woman.  Highlights how much her interactions with Abhishek have become goal focused instead of joyful.

Speaking of joyful, Amit and Plabita are a kick together!  He’s all silent and tormented and grumpy, and she’s all “oh, it’s whatevs, how are you doing?”  She’s also a lot more interesting than how she was initially described, the innocent young girl victim that made the public angry about police brutality.  We learn she was a grown woman at the hotel where the shoot out happened for a job interview, and she was a drug addict in the past.  Her life isn’t defined by the accident or the wheelchair she has now.  He was ready to make amends somehow, to punish himself by witnessing her misery, but instead she is the one reaching out to save him.

Love the two constable thing in the background, the two of them fighting over Abhishek.  But very upset about the idea that our loyal Bombay constable is vibing with his old girlfriend!  That had better not go anywhere, he has to remain our happy pure innocent island.

And the question that is now coming up for me, which of these people seemingly unconnected will end up being part of the mystery reveal?  Will Plabita’s drug addiction be a connection to the kidnapper somehow?  Or will the constable cheat on his wife (noooo!) and therefore be marked for death?  Which of these threads will be related to the central mystery, and which is just life happening?

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