Breathe Season 2 Episode 7: The Stakes Get Lower

Well, the show is struggling a bit to come back from that really not very logical twist.  It tries to build up more of a backstory for how it happened, but the bigger issue is that it makes the stakes so much lower, and therefore the tension we need to want to keep walking has kind of gone away. (full index of reviews here)

Story: In the present, Abhishek is back to working with the police trying to help them understand the mind of the killer.  The police follow his clue of faked limping at the murder scene, but also find a lip balm Nithya left behind and Abhishek has to cover up for her and yells at her about it.  At the end, they get a package with a new target and Abhishek announces he recognizes him.  Amit Sadh is still hanging out with Plabita.  In the past, the principal increasingly encourages the break between the “real” Abishek and his altar ego.  He gives both of them birthday parties, talks to both of them, and so on.  The first victim while fighting with his wife, accidentally ran over Abhishek’s childhood pet, a puppy, which is why he had to die in the present. 

The Do's and Don'ts of Problem Puppy Behaviour | Reservoir Vet ...
Here’s a happy puppy to cheer us up. Needless to say, the puppy death was far more traumatic than any other moment of the show.

Here’s the big issue, if the alter Abhishek is organizing everything in order to take revenge on the people who hurt Abhishek, that means he will probably never hurt Siya (the big tension of the show) since Abhishek loves her just as he loved the puppy.  And if alter Abhishek is forcing real Abhishek to do the murders, than really he isn’t “innocent”.  That is, I’m no longer worried about Abhishek being arrested even though he is innocent, now I kind of want him to be arrested.  Which is the other tension of the show, wanting Abhishek to not be arrested because he is innocent at heart.  Suddenly nothing matters, the little girl is in no danger, and Abhishek should be arrested.

It’s not an impossible problem, they just need to switch the tension, make us on the side of Amit and hoping the police capture Abhishek as soon as possible.  Or Abhishek realizes what is happening and that Siya is in no danger.  Or, I suppose, put the nice medical student who is taking care of Siya in danger since the alter Abhishek has no emotional connection to her.

Other big problem is that the alter ego plot continues to be SO STUPID.  The whole idea is that the “real” Abhishek is so fragile and broken the alter Abhishek has to still survive in order to protect him.  But surely the proper treatment would be for the two egos to be integrated together so Abhishek can protect himself?  And wouldn’t the psychiatrist have explained this to begin with?  Wouldn’t the principal realize something is very very wrong with this kid instead of encouraging it?

Questions moving forward: will the principal ever start to question his decision?  Will Siya’s attempt to escape actually put her in more danger?  Will Saiyami Kher’s call girl FINALLY start to have more to do with the plot as she keeps meeting with the other Abhishek as he gets supplies for his captives at the nearby convenience store?

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