Breathe Season 2 Episode 8: New Conflicts

Still not selling me on the twist!  Still ends up in less rather than more tension.  But there are some interesting misunderstandings in this episode which make it work a little bit better than the last episode.  And some careful foregrounding of new plot conflicts in hopes of getting the audience interested in them. (full index of reviews here)

Story: In the police investigation, Abhishek steers Amit towards the idea of the deaths being related to the sins of the victims, and starts to investigate the new target, a pharmacist he remembers from school who is a recovering drug addict, and whose sponsor is Plabita (!!!!).  There is also a close call when the two constables come to Abhishek’s house and ask for a tour of the basement, but that is easily avoided.  In the past, we see Abhishek grow up, his alter ego closer to his beloved principal than even the “real” Abhishek.  Thus the alter learned how to drive, and got basic knowledge, while also resenting that the “real” Abhishek got to control what happened to him.  Amit has a difficult run in with Plabita when he goes to her birthday party, and is so disgusted by her boss’ drunken insults that he punches him and leaves.  The big important thing is with Siya and her fellow captive.  Siya crawls through their escape hole but can’t get the attention of anyone.  Instead, the med student decides to drug her with antihistamines and fake a medical crisis and get the kidnapper to take them to the hospital.  The plan works perfectly, they see the outside of their captive hole, get into a car, almost get to the hospital (carrying a note identifying them as hostages), when Siya wakes up and reveals it is a trick.  Oh, also Abhishek pays to spend two hours talking with Saiyami

After Choked and Breathe Season 2, New Offers Have Slowed Due to ...

Okay, new conflicts they are trying to create!  We now know that Siya is kidnapped by her own father, sort of, so is probably in no danger.  However her medical student helper person might be in danger, and this episode makes us like her even more than before.  Siya mentions that she may go to the hospital, but the other captive may not go with her, and the seed is planted for the audience that Siya and her helper are not tied together necessarily, they are in different degrees of danger, and perhaps now that we are not worried about Siya, we should start worrying about her brave smart kind helper.

There’s Amit and Plabita too.  They were going along as nice “friends-and-maybe-more”.  But now in the same episode, Amit lashes out at her obnoxious boss and shows that his anger and impulses are still there, and we see Plabita is connected to the new victim.  If Amit punched a guy just for telling lewd jokes about her, what might he do if Abhishek puts her in danger?  And on a smaller level, what effect will what he might do have on his relationship with her?

The new duality is what I find most interesting.  Abhishek and the kidnapper until now have been the hero and villain.  But now that Abhishek and the kidnapper are the same person, it is increasingly Amit and Abhishek.  Abhishek is smart, in control, able to manipulate situations and change how people see him.  Amit can’t even change himself long enough to be polite at a birthday party.

Oh, and the narrative has a new duality too.  Instead of criminal-cop, now we have past-present.  Abhishek and Amit are working closely together in the present, no real line between them any more, but the past is suddenly important.

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