Discussion Post: Who Are Your Ultimate Personal Jodi? Rahul and Anjali? Harry and Sejal? Humpty and Kavya?

Discussion time! No wrong answer here, just personal stories/opinions.

What couple is your favorite couple? Hrithik and Tiger, a particular variation on Shahrukh and Kajol? Or Amitabh and Jaya? Or Varun and Alia?

For me, I think it’s still Raj and Simran. Possibly a sign of my arrested development, but they shy girl who loves her parents and the naughty boy who brings her out of her shell are the best for me still. I love them just as much as when I first fell in love with them 16 years ago.

And anyway, it’s still a unique and wonderful jodi. Simran is so strong in herself and what she wants and had such a hard journey to growing up. And Raj is such a great combo of immature and trying. Most of all, they are equals. Both equally brave, equally young, equally trying their best.

What’s your always and forever favorite couple?


10 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Who Are Your Ultimate Personal Jodi? Rahul and Anjali? Harry and Sejal? Humpty and Kavya?

  1. Even if they are not a real couple but only real in my heart, Rohan and Abhi are up there for me. I’ve talked in previous posts about how when I was really getting into Bollywood in the fall of 2017, I was also in a terrible mental health space, and Student of the Year was a massive reprieve which is why it means so much to me. But that entire school year, fall 2017 to summer 2018, was not great for me mentally, but I was also getting through my massive list of movies when I could. A lot of my favorite movies (and consequently, couples) I watched during that period. I love Ram and Leela even if the blog doesn’t. I devoured everything Varun and Alia ever did, separately and together, but Humpty and Kavya reign supreme, simply because they’re a wonderful couple from a wonderfully progressive romcom. I fell in love with Humpty almost immediately, I remember pausing the movie to tweet to no one “I’m not even halfway through this movie yet but I would die for Humpty Sharma”. I showed it to my friends on a girl’s night and was squealing the entire time. So in terms of couples that are real, probably Humpty and Kavya and I might be the most predictable person ever but it’s a strong contender for my birthday movie in a couple weeks (wow my birthday is in a couple weeks, I just realized that, oh my god)

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    • Hey, no judgement from me! I have been all in on Raj and Simran since I was 19, which is about the most predictable choice EVER. And I will accept Rohan and Abhi, because they basically are a couple. And Student of the Year is basically Prozac in movie form, it’s just shockingly happy, it is exactly the film I would have prescribed to someone going through a hard time.


  2. I ship so many ships, I can’t REALLY like a movie without a jodi, but I don’t think any one is particularly meaningful to me in an emotional way. I have more of an emotional attachment to a bunch of Govinda ships but I think that’s because he’s such an emotionally impactful actor. This also goes for Vinod Khanna, with whom I always wonder if he had something going on with whatever actor it is, he seems that sincere. So Govinda/Vinod is a really meaningful jodi to me but not for any reason that makes sense.


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