Stress Calming Post, Best Shahrukh Flirty Photos

I am getting soooooooooooooo stressed about my surgery on Friday. I’m terrified something’s going to come up and I won’t be able to have it after all, and I am considerably less worried about having it and something logistical not going right (parents late to pick me up, forget something I should have packed, etc). Anyway, stress relief! Shahrukh!

Oh Shahrukh! He is just so good at flirting. Fun, sexy, and not too serious.

SRK #DabooRatnani Photoshoot (Behind the scene) | Shah rukh khan ...

A little more sexy serious

A suave and sexy Shah Rukh Khan will make your heart skip a beat ...

Flirting with suspenders

Shah Rukh Khan's photo shoot for Forbes magazine [VIDEO] | PINKVILLA

Flirting in a windbreaker

8,423 Shah Rukh Khan Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty ...

Flirting on a stool

Shahrukh Khan photo 38 of 63 pics, wallpaper - photo #900822 ...

Flirting with a coffee cup

Best Shahrukh Khan Movies of All Time - Entertainment News

Flirting with foofy hair

DABBOO RATNANI on Twitter: "Suave #SRK @iamsrk ...

flirting on a balcony

Shahrukh Khan Photos Images Wallpapers Pics Download

Flirting with Parcheesi

Shahrukh Khan Photoshoot from Filmfare

Flirting with scarf

Flirting with eyebrows

Flirting in red

Flirting with sunglasses

Flirting with turtleneck

Flirting in casual jacket

Flirting with finger

Shahrukh's sweet dimples...OMG!!! discovered by Angela K. ♡

Flirting with basketball

shah rukh khan lover (@SRKIAN_RAGHAD) | Twitter

Okay, I’m beginning to feel less stressed. Now, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to continue the de-stressing! Put the best happy flirting Shahrukh photos/gifs/videos you can find in the comments (copy the url of the image or video or gif, go down a line, past it into the comment, then go down another line)!

And then I will be in a pink cloud floating happy place for the next 48 hours instead of being miserable about things I can’t control (because I can’t control them. Why can’t I be in charge of the universe? I would be SO GOOD AT IT! And then I would never have to stress about anyone else messing things up).

19 thoughts on “Stress Calming Post, Best Shahrukh Flirty Photos

  1. I hate when I have to admit that SRK in DDLJ and KKHH is *insert heart eyes* (mostly because the logical flaws in KKHH impede my enjoyment of it as a movie and people always make DDLJ jokes based on my name) but
    ugh he wins in both of those.

    and the turtleneck. go turtleneck.


    • Ditto on the being a week! I keep telling people I’ll have to schedule a follow up call for next week, thinking it’s already Friday. But no! there’s still so much of this week left to get through!


  2. Looking at these clips, I realized he can’t help but appear flirty, maybe it’s just me. Decide for yourself, hope they help!


    • Uff! All of these! I think you are right, even when he isn’t trying he is just flirty like that. Especially when smiking, whichbis a terrible habit, but soooooooo sexy.


        • But it’s so sexy! Surely he could find a way to evoke smoking, without actually smoking. Just use a prop cigarette all the time to make us happy.


          • I think so, I think there are prop cigarettes plays and movies use where it looks the same but is completely harmless.


          • I’m super anti smoking, but putting a cigarette in your mouth and not lighting it was a huge Thing in The Fault in Our Stars, in case anyone hasn’t read it or seen it, and this is the result.

            It’s not it.


          • Yeah, on some level it really is the danger that’s sexy.

            On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 6:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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