Friday WatchAlong Main Hoon Na! 3pm Chicago Time Today, Right Here!

Yaaaaaay, a Shahrukh movie!!!!! Genevieve’s pick, so thank her for your happiness.

Main Hoon Na! Available basically everywhere, including on DVD, at 3pm Chicago time just hit “play” and start commenting along.

Also, warning, I have listened to the DVD director’s commentary many MANY times, so I will have many comments that start “Farah says”.

365 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong Main Hoon Na! 3pm Chicago Time Today, Right Here!

  1. I will miss you guys! But I’ll have fun reading your comments after the fact. Thank you so much for the watch along Margaret!


  2. I had to bow out soon after I checked in. Was trying to use the WordPress app on my ipad and had to keep refreshing and scrolling all the way through the comments to get to the most recent. And then the moment had passed. Blahhh. I’m not really au fait with the app. If I comment using Safari server it wants me to login to WordPress each time and then I get a ‘duplicate comment’ error message. I found it easier when we commented via Twitter.


    • Boo! Well, I am considering offering a change of time with the school year beginning, so maybe you will be able to join more and with practice, it will work better.

      On Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 8:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I have a new Pakistani mini-movie suggestion! Hona Tha Pyar. It has a very Jane Austen-esq feel to it. Two sisters, one responsible, one happy to lucky. Everything works out happily at the end. Very minimal drama but so so cute. Also, it’s only 1 hour and 11 mins. I needed something happy to cheer me up this week and this did the trick!


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