Recast My 3 Favorite Raakhee Movies With Me! Married Love Story With Shy Scientist, Double Role Good/Bad Twin, Older Woman Seductress

Have I already fanficed/recast these movies? Eh, don’t care, everything is horrible and will never get better so it doesn’t matter.

Blackmail, Raakhee’s Favorite Movie of Hers

Raakhee is a love triangle with a twist, the twist being that Raakhee moves on from the first guy to the second all on her own, she gets to make all the choices. Shy scientist/developer Dharmendra has a big crush on Raakhee but is too shy to talk to her. Smooth talking Shatrughan Sinha has won her over. But then he tells her he can’t marry her after all at the same time Dharmendra is finally brave enough to give her the stack of love letters he has been secretly writing to her. Raakhee is won over by the letters and accepts his proposal. But Shatrughan returns at the wedding to sew doubts, Raakhee is totally over him and tells him to leave but Dharmendra sees them talking and thinks he is second choice. Lots of marital angst as they are each in love with the other but waiting for the other one to make the first move. Until the final big action sequence when they admit their love.

Forget all the 70s Masala stuff (the Macguffin is a magical solar battery that is clearly just a wooden box painted red), I want to remake it with the love triangle. A young woman who gets over her smooth first boyfriend and happily moves on to a nice serious shy man who writes her letters.

Who would you cast? As the young woman, the serious shy hero, and the smooth first boyfriend? Is Dips, Ranbir, Ranveer too on the nose?

Friday Classics: Blackmail, Raakhee's Favorite Role ...

Sharmilee, Shashi alert!

Raakhee plays twins! One is outgoing and charming and modern, the other is cripplingly shy. They fall in love with Shashi separately, but of course he only likes the outgoing charming modern one. But then the outgoing one dies and Shashi is so broken he goes insane. In desperation, to save him, the shy one pretends to be her own sister and agrees to marry him. But then the other one shows up again! She faked her own death to run away from home with her secret boyfriend! Now shy Raakhee has to decide if she should be loyal to her “bad” sister, what to do about telling Shashi the truth, and all kinds of messy things.

I would totally watch a movie about identical twins with opposite personalities who fall in love with the same guy and secretly switch places and then have to figure out what to do when the “bad one” returns! But casting is tricky, we need a heroine who can pull off the double role, and a hero who, Shashi-like, we can believe is worth it.

Who would you cast? As the good/bad twin and the irresistible hero? I’m thinking maybe Taapsee and Sid M? Is that crazy?

S.D. Burman: Sharmilee (1971) | Hindi movies online, Hindi movies ...

Doosra Aadmi, Raakhee as the irresistible Older Woman

Such a great movie! College sweethearts marry right after graduation, he tries to start a career and falls under the spell of an older talented co-worker who makes his innocent young wife seem dull and immature. What he doesn’t realize is that the older woman is working through her own thing, grieving her dead boyfriend and trying to recapture that feeling with the kind of similar younger man.

Really, we don’t need to change anything! College sweethearts marry young, they grow in different directions, he falls under the spell of an older woman at work. Ooo! Unless we flip the genders! Have her tempted by an older man at work?

Who should we cast? Now I am excited by the gender flip, what about Alia and Sid M as the young couple and Shahrukh as the tempting older man working through his own thing? Doosra Aadmi by Rishi Kapoor: Movies & TV

17 thoughts on “Recast My 3 Favorite Raakhee Movies With Me! Married Love Story With Shy Scientist, Double Role Good/Bad Twin, Older Woman Seductress

  1. Blackmail
    Raakhee – Bhumi Pednekar
    Dharmendra – Rajkummar Rao
    Shatrughan Sinha – Ayushmann Khurrana

    Raakhee – Taapsee Pannu
    Shashi – Vikrant Massey

    Doosara Aadmi
    Couple – Alia Bhatt/Ishaan Khatter
    Older Man/Woman – Shah Rukh Khan/Tabu

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  2. For Sharmilee, I think Tapsee would work. I’d also take Sonam.

    I can’t argue with Vikrant Massey for the Shashi role. That is truly great. I’d pick Jim Sarbh for the Ranjeet role, but now we’ve made it a serious drama so maybe I should pick Varun instead. Although the original had mostly Serious Actors but they just camp it up.


  3. Sharmilee – Vikrant and Sobhita. For sure she can pull off the ‘bad girl’, I want to see her as the impossibly shy girl. She also has a totally different kind of beauty than Raakhee. As for Vikrant, none of the current crop of actors have the charm and looks, he comes the closest.

    I haven’t seen the other two, so going by the description –
    Blackmail – Tripti and Avinash for Raakhee and Dharmendra. They should get together at least in their third movie! I can totally imagine them in ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’, I love the song. I suppose Ayushmann works in Shatrughan’s role.

    Doosra Aadmi – Rani in Raakhee’s role, Shahrukh for the flipped version. Rani has never done such a role I think. Kiara as Neetu, she has that bubbly, innocent charm. Maybe Siddhant as Rishi.


    • Love all these cast ideas! Especially Rani as the older woman in Doosra Aadmi, that would be fantastic.

      On Sat, Aug 15, 2020 at 10:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. I think we have reached a consensus for three of them.
    Ayushmann Khurrana in Blackmail
    Vikrant Massey in Sharmilee (YES!)
    Shah Rukh Khan in Doosara Aadmi


    • Love Ayushmann in Blackmail, and it would be a nice break for him from his usual role. He can present as the nice somewhat charming average guy, and then be revealed as Evil.

      On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 12:09 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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