Friday Classic (on Saturday): Kabhi Kabhi, All Love is True Love

I got sick, so things got a bit backed up and I had to move a few things around.  And therefore, Friday classics on Saturday!

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Friday Classics: Trishul! Yashji and Amitabh Create Magic Again

My favorite Yashji and Amitji’s film!  Not the best one, that I know, but my personal favorite.

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SRKajol rewatch, Karan Arjun Part 5-Complete! Finale! Ending! All Spoiled for you right here!

Inspired by Dilwale, I am going through all previous SRKajol films in exhaustive detail!  Karan-Arjun turns out to not be that Kajol-y, but it makes up for it by being super Salman-y.  And super Amrish Puri-y.  And super 90s-y.

(also, SPOILER, in this section Amrish Puri wears a Lavender Jacket!  Just like Salman in the header image!)

(bullet point version of synopsis, for full film, available here.  Part 2 here.  Part 3 here. Part 4 here.  Final part here.)

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