Women Directors Week: Meghna Gulzar, Fearless Honesty

Second to last one! And an important one. Another super successful director, and super good and all of that.

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Shashi Week! Sharmilee, Shashi and Raakhee and Spies and Twins and Planes and Snow and EVERYTHING!

This is SUCH a fun movie! And, Shashi wears an army officer’s uniform almost the entire time. Also, I know I am a day late on this review, but it kind of works well that I am writing it on Holi, because it fits with the kind of fun silly and a little flirty feel of the holiday.

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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! Mother Films Outside of the Norm

Happy Day Before Mother’s Day! I was going to write a fanfic of mother stories for tomorrow that aren’t the usual ones, and then I realized a lot of them had already been in films and I had just forgotten. So let’s celebrate those unusual mothers!

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SRKajol rewatch, Karan Arjun Part 5-Complete! Finale! Ending! All Spoiled for you right here!

Inspired by Dilwale, I am going through all previous SRKajol films in exhaustive detail!  Karan-Arjun turns out to not be that Kajol-y, but it makes up for it by being super Salman-y.  And super Amrish Puri-y.  And super 90s-y.

(also, SPOILER, in this section Amrish Puri wears a Lavender Jacket!  Just like Salman in the header image!)

(bullet point version of synopsis, for full film, available here.  Part 2 here.  Part 3 here. Part 4 here.  Final part here.)

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