Quarantine Questions, All SRK Edition

Oh boy! Get ready to have your SRK juices flowing, as I ask a series of specific questions about quarantining with him.

  1. Who would be the worst SRK character to quarantine with?

I considered Zero SRK (so much energy! So much self-pity!), but I think really it is Real Life SRK. Thank goodness he has his wife and 3 kids to entertain himself, but I think if it was just him and me, we would turn into a horrible double depression cycle mixed with moments of manic energy that keeps him talking at me when I just want to go to bed.

Shah Rukh Khan Works From Home Under Lockdown; Gets Snapped Shooting In  Mannat's Balcony- VIDEO
The quarantine hair is good of course, but is that enough?

2. Would you rather quarantine with Jug or Harry?

I’m just jumping straight to the top, only mature Shahrukh has the characters with the stability you want in a quarantine partner. So, which of these two? Oh, and just to make it interesting, IN THEIR CURRENT HOMES. I think I would still pick Harry, even though Jug’s beach house is really tempting. Harry’s flat is cozy with a good kitchen and a balcony, and we could get delivery.

Happy that I stood up to the expectations in Dear Zindagi: Shah Rukh Khan -  bollywood - Hindustan Times
shah rukh khan , sherwani and blue salwar look, raula style inspiration  Fashn.me

3. Which two SRK characters would you want to quarantine together?

Aryan Khanna and Gaurav! They could talk things out and make peace in a healthy way, Gaurav could get his own identity and Aryan could remember his humanity.

Watch: Gaurav's obsession turns Aryan Khanna's life upside down in Fan  trailer

4. Which two characters (one Shahrukh and one not) from a Shahrukh movie would best quarantine together?

Shahrukh and Juhi in One 2 Ka 4! They are both endlessly amused with each other, they are already sharing a household, and they can set each other a series of mind games and challenges to stay sharp.

Juhi Chawla Fan Page on Twitter: "Some lovely cute romantic moments in One  2 ka 4 with @iam_juhi and @iamsrk Infact this is was the last full-fledged  Srk-Juhi starrer. #17YearsOfOne2Ka4… https://t.co/3N7hyYafUJ"

17 thoughts on “Quarantine Questions, All SRK Edition

  1. Who would be the worst SRK character to quarantine with?
    I think agree that he himself might be the worst, but I also think Don could be pretty bad for all the scary pranks he’d decide to play on you.
    2. Would you rather quarantine with Jug or Harry?
    Harry! Cozy flats beat all!
    3. Which two SRK characters would you want to quarantine together?
    His character from Chamatkar and the ghost/spirit from Paheli — the ghost because he’d have someone to talk to that he doesn’t also want to bang, and the guy from Chamatkar because he’s been around the bend with talking to ghosts already so he won’t immediately freak out.
    4. Which two characters (one Shahrukh and one not) from a Shahrukh movie would best quarantine together?
    I agree about One 2 Ka 4! but I also think that K3G Shah Rukh & Kajol could do okay, too because their family group narrowed very quickly down to just them (mostly) when they left India. Like One 2 Ka 4 they already have some of that dynamic going on.


    • counterpoint with Don, I feel like he is redeemable, and quarantine would be the time to make it happen. talk about moral philosophy and stuff, get him to intellectually engage with his evil, and bring him to a higher level of consciousness.

      YES! Another vote for Harry! That flat was really nice, and there were little alone zones built in, balcony and kitchen/living and bedroom. Plus it seemed more open to having the space rearranged and made homey than Jug’s Goa house, which was just overstuffed.

      I like your ghost thinking, this makes perfect sense. Also, both of those characters really need a good bro friend (that’s why Chamatkar SRK ended up such good friends with Naseerji ghost anyway, I think, he was just lonely)

      I think K3G Shahrukh and Kajol would quickly drive each other insane, but in a good way. You need that bit of difficulty in quarantine, if everything is just easy and happy you will go mad.

      On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 10:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. OK here goes.

    1. So many to choose from, really. I mean, Devdas? Straight up murderous types like Don or Asoka or Ram Jaane or or Manu from Duplicate or Rahul from Darr? Dev from KANK, always a contender for worst? Not even getting into the manic puppy dog characters. Of all these, Manu is grossest, but hard to imagine as a real person. I’ll go with Devdas, being shut in with a self-pitying passive aggressive bum with addiction issues would be pretty terrible.

    2. Jug. The house way trumps the apartment, plus he’s calmer and more self aware, and has his artistic hobby to keep him entertained. Harry would be out of work and going through an existential crisis.


    3. I think Suri from RNBDJ and Rizwan from MNIK would get along and understand one another. I think they could be good friends to each other and help the other feel loved and less alone.

    4. Kind of want to use this to right wrongs, like Bauua and Anushka from Zero should spend some time locked in close quarters after all those years apart, or Raees and Mahira get the time together they never got to have. But if we’re keeping it cheerful…I’m torn between Rahul from K3G and Jaya (he’ll work from the family home, she’ll hang out with Kajol and spoil her grandson) and Ram and Sushmita from MHN (he’ll take a break from saving the country to cook and keep house while she teaches her students online, and then of course things get steamy at night).


    • 1. YES Devdas! Why did I forget him? Probably because I forced myself to forget him. Notice that someone else has already claimed Dev as their Best choice. I guess tastes differ. But really, I think even those who like Devdas, would not want to be forced to live with him. All that poetry!

      2. I mean, Harry is always going through an existential crisis, work or no work. And wouldn’t that be interesting? Every morning, a new deep personal revelation from your housemate for both of you to unpack! Meanwhile Jug is just happy happy, calm calm, all day every day. BORING.

      3. I love this idea. I think they would get along great and have a lot in common, like longlost brothers. I can even write a little mini-fanfic about it. Anushka is in America going to a college friend’s wedding (Suri couldn’t take the time off work, but of course he broke into his savings to pay for her ticket and insisted she go and have a good time by herself), and Shahrukh is in Amritsar dealing with some family property. Quarantine hits, and Anushka and Kajol are both very worried about their husbands. Kajol starts working her grapevine and hears that there is a woman in America whose husband is alone in their big house in Amritsar and reaches out to Anushka. the two of them have a Zoom call and get along great and decide they will force their husbands together. Kajol sends Rizwan over to Suri’s house, Anushka tells Suri to let him in, they are very awkward together but their wives give them advice and instruction on how to make friends and it works out. Pretty soon they are building elaborate engineering improvements to the house and playing video games and Rizwan figures out how to build a basketball court with the materials at hand and teaches Suri to play. They also give each other life advice, Suri and Anushka are having a hard time conceiving and Rizwan talks to him about adoption since his son’s biological father wasn’t a father at all and Rizwan could not have loved him more. And Suri helps Rizwan make peace with his Indian identity after all those years in America. At the end of it, when travel finally opens up and Rizwan and Anushka can go home, they have formed a lifelong bond.

      4. Ram and Sush! Ram and Sush! Only issue is that his conscience would be killing him, he would want to be out there distributing food packets and stuff and not just staying at home. But if Sush finds him a local volunteer opportunity, like building temporary dwellings for guest workers, then it would be perfect.

      On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 11:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Suri and Rizwan are both quiet characters and gentle souls who have a lot going on under the surface. I think Suri would be kind to Rizwan and would get all the stuff he’s not good at showing. And Rizwan would return Suri’s friendship with a fierce and steadfast loyalty that would fill some of the void of Suri’s missing family.


        • And they would both enjoy spending the day, almost silently, working together on engineering projects.

          On Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 11:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. 1. KANK SRK would be unbearable to be trapped with. Always grouchy, full of self pity, and mean. That said I’m not sure I want to be trapped with Don either. Real SRK plays video games, has friends he can call, reads, and lives in a mansion with a lot of rooms so that you don’t actually have to be with him at all times. For years I wanted my parents to sell their giant house because it was just too big. Now I realize that the giant house is almost like a marriage counselor, keeping them together because they don’t always have to be together.
    2. JUG! He’s an artist, he has a hobby other than sex. Harry has a lot of mental work to do be happy in a normal world, I would prefer not to be there for all that mental work around COVID. Also, I would rather be in Goa than Frankfurt when everything is shut down.
    3. I think Harry and Bauua would be hilarious together.
    4. SRK and Juhi were the first pair that immediately sprang to mind, any of their roles. But really I can’t think of any of his leading ladies who it wouldn’t work with, he is very at making you believe he is in love, except for in KANK of course. I’m pretty sure even Rani wouldn’t want to be trapped with that character nonstop.


    • 1. But KANK Dev would be so exciting to be shut up with! Always making you laugh with nasty things, occasionally having massive emotional crisis at unpredictable moments, it would break up the day enormously. I say this as someone who has been spending quarantine in an extremely calm and pleasant household where the most interesting thing that happens is my Dad slightly changing his recipe for breakfast (he used ham instead of chicken once! We talked about it for DAYS). I’m ready for EXCITEMENT! Bring on the drama!

      2. Eh, Goa. Wouldn’t you get tired of all that natural beauty after a while? In Frankfurt you can watch the seasons change, see the delivery trucks on the street, maybe even get pick up coffee and pastries from a great cafe (you know Harry would know the best place). Oh! And if Harry gets too horrible, he has very useful skills in his pocket right now. Link him up the neighborhood action organization, have him coordinate daily food deliveries for shut ins and random street concerts for little kids birthdays and things. He would be great at it, and maybe rediscover his joy in that kind of work when he is doing it for deserving grateful people.

      3. HA! I love this! Both dealing with massive insecurity/inferiority issues, one of them by shutting down and retreating within himself, the other by becoming a total extrovert. They would drive each other insane and it would be good for them.

      4. Maybe it is that the way he plays being in love, it feels like the two of them are already in a little bubble? No matter who else is around, he only had eyes for the heroine and vice versa, so true quarantine would be very little difference.

      On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 11:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. 1. I wouldn’t like to be quarantined with any of ShahRukh’s psychotic or gangster characters…they would not have enough love or patience to bear the restrictions as they aren’t family-orientated and utterly self-centered.
    2. Jug, because of his playfulness, intelligence, humour, empathie, crafting talent, thinking out-of-the-box AND this wonderful house near the sea and a gorgeous beach (air! nature!space!). I think even a year (or more) of quarantine wouldn’t lead to any stress.
    If I would get another choice, it would be Kaaliiiiii from Dilwale (what an interesting and never boring man! and talented with his hands, too!)
    3. Oh, I really like the idea of Rizwan and Suri!
    4. Rahul and Anjali with little Anjali, Mama Farida and still close to them Anupam Rani-father…they really could use the quarantine to get to know themselves on a new level 🙂


    • 1. I am sticking with “given enough time, Don can be redeemed”. But I will bow to your opinion for the other criminals.

      2. Hot! Sticky! Masquitos!

      3. Me too! See my mini-fanfic above

      4. This is a good answer. Rahul-Anjali are so close, and such good friends as well as lovers, they would do excellently together.

      On Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 12:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. 1. Was going to say Don, but you know at least he’d keep you on your toes. I’m going with Devdas also, although one might make the case that he has a nice big house and one could avoid him. But yeah, my quarantine would not be enhanced by a sad drunk guy.
    2. Jug. The beach in Goa is the perfect place to quarantine, because you can go out and get exercise and enjoy nature. Plus, he’s an actual mental heath professional so you could freak out! On the down side, he’s an actual mental heath professional, so he’d probably drive you crazy being all nonjudgemental and understanding.
    3. This is hard. Don and Raees, bad criminal vs. good criminal, see who prevails? Too mean? Or, Shankar from Koyla and the Ghost from Paheli–one can’t talk, the other’s invisible, they wouldn’t get in each other’s way?
    4. Shahrukh and Irrfan from Billu. I just want them to bond and have fun together again.


    • Sorry, replying to myself yet again, but I have a better answer for 3. Kabir Khan from Chak De and Harry. Kabir is disciplined, Harry is fun, they’d learn from each other.


    • 1. Yes! I may have to change my answer, Devdas has all the worst traits of real-life SRK, plus addiction, and none of the good traits (work ethic, varied interests, etc.)

      2. I feel like, as a mental health professional, Jug would try to be calm and understanding and giving for about 5 months, and then would have a MASSIVE MELTDOWN that is kind of terrifying and you are the only one there to help him. Whereas Harry would have a slow incremental constant meltdown.

      3. I want Don and Raees together! It would start as a deadly gang war and slowly descend into pranks like gluing the toothpaste cap shut. By the end of it, Raees would have a healthy sense of fun and self-interest, and Don would learn to enjoy other humans beyond killing them or sexing them.

      4. Awwwww, yes!

      On Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 1:06 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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