Discussion Post (Adult Content): Which 2 Shahrukh Characters, if Quarantining Together, Would End Up Having the Hottest Sex?

Let us put on our adult content hats, block the computer from our children and spouses, and escape into harmless fantasy for just a moment.

Okay, picture a world in which each Shahrukh character is a real different person. And now picture a world in which we could get any of these characters to be locked in quarantine together. In such a world, which two characters would end up having the hottest sex with each other?

I’m gonna give you my top three choices:

  1. Chak De Shahrukh and Harry from JHMS. One of them is incredibly controlled and disciplined, the other one is having a slow motion nervous break down. Picture the sparks if they are thrown together! Especially since I already kind of assumed both of these characters were Bi.
  2. Raees Shahrukh and Suri from Rab Ne Bana di Jodi. Partly just because they both wear glasses and I think that would be cute. But also Raees SRK is all sexy confidence, and RNBDJ SRK is all uncertain of himself. It would start with Raees SRK bullying him a little bit, then feeling sorry for him, then trying to help him, then falling in love/lust, and then we would get super hot sex.
  3. Dilwale Shahrukh and KKHH Shahrukh. Dilwale’s calm maturity and beard and stuff, with KKHH’s flustered immaturity and too large suits? It’s just sexy.

Okay, what are your choices? Or is this too gross and adult-y to even think about?

3 thoughts on “Discussion Post (Adult Content): Which 2 Shahrukh Characters, if Quarantining Together, Would End Up Having the Hottest Sex?

  1. I am getting flashbacks to the scene in Humshakals where it is Ram Kapoor having sex with Ram Kapoor…why do you want us to relive that horror??


  2. If you see the characters as having their own reality and as separate distinct identities this is a legitimate concept. Kabir and Harry as a couple is a mind-blowing thought. Never thought of Kabir as bi, but who knows what lurks under his single-mindedness.


    • Thank you! Finally someone appreciates this concept. Kabir works for me as bi, for exactly that reason. He is so incredibly clamped down all the time, he reacts the same way to male and female people. So bi, or asexual.

      On Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 3:57 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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