Shahrukh Birthday Month Thought Post: Shahrukh and Sexuality

I think I thought a thought, but I am not sure if it was a good thought or if I can explain the thought I thought clearly. Let’s see!

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Silly Sunday FanFic: Sex and Power Plots for SRK

This is just total indulgence for me. As a thought experiment, I want to continue my discussion of sex and power and class from these two posts and see if I can come up with new SRK plot ideas that continue to explore them.

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Sexy Sex Sex! In Hindi Film, Songs in Which Sexual Acts Outside of Procreation Are Implied

I just put up a post about kissing onscreen, and a comment from Alisa/BollywoodNewbie got me thinking about how maybe the reason kisses are so shocking is because they are the one act everyone understands. While all the other stuff that is just implied goes right over people’s heads. Not “against the grain” things, but things that have no logical explanation beyond sex, and imply sex which is not procreational and married and in the missionary position.

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