Ginny Weds Sunny Review (SPOILERS): Why Does Vikrant Massay Have to Turn Into a Big Old Jerk?

I watched it! Out of curiosity after I got super mixed reports from y’all. If you like light silly farcical rom-coms made on the cheap with up and down quality, then you will enjoy this movie, whether or not you Spoil yourself here. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. And if you don’t like them (especially with a flawed hero character), then you can still spoil yourself!

Whole plot in two paragraphs:

Our hero Vikrant Massay is a sweet boy who is eager to get married, partly because he wants to be married, partly because his father promised to give him the family hardware store to turn into a restaurant once he was married. Our heroine Yami Gautam is a tough woman who is not interested in getting married, partly because her officially-ex boyfriend is still hanging around and confusing her, partly because she just isn’t interested in marriage. Her mother Ayesha Raza Mishra is a matchmaker, which is the fun part. Vikrant’s Dad goes to her after Vikrant sees Yami at a wedding (he had a crush on her when they were kids). She meets Vikrant and likes him but knows Yami will never agree to someone she suggests. So she helps Vikrant keep bumping into Yami. They can’t quite click, until Vikrant expresses concern to Ayesha about the whole plan and gives up on it (after seeing Yami with her ex), and then when he backs off, Yami approaches him. They become friends, he is part of her group, finally going with her on a long planned trip to Mussoorie, where he proposes. She is about to accept when her ex appears and proposes too!!! INTERVAL

In the second half, Vikrant yells at Ayesha for leading him own, then yells at Yami and gives her an ultimatum to make a decision on what she wants. She finally tells her boyfriend she doesn’t want him any more, then goes to Vikrant and invites him over to her house that night to meet her mother. But the boyfriend, uninvited, shows up at the house. Yami calls Vikrant to cancel. Vikrant learns the boyfriend is there and shows up, also uninvited, to threaten him. Yami throws both boys out. Vikrant then agrees to marry someone else his parents have found for him. In one final attempt to get Yami together with Vikrant, Ayesha dares her to go to the wedding and show just how little she cares. Yami befriends Vikrant’s fiancee Isha Talwar and is the life of the party. Vikrant leaves the wedding to take her out on her birthday, which wins her over. Yami and Vikrant go to the bride’s father to explain, he refuses to accept Vikrant’s decision and manhandles him to the wedding pavilion, but of course the bride and Yami have switched places. It comes out during the ceremony, and the bride comes out to give a speech about how she doesn’t want to marry someone who doesn’t want her. Ayesha promises to find her a great match. And that’s the HAPPY ENDING.

Ginny Weds Sunny (2020) - IMDb

So first half, great! Tiptoes right up to the edge of being offensive with our eager to marry hero lying to the heroine, but doesn’t cross it. Vikrant isn’t eager to marry Yami because she is sexy or rich or anything like that, it isn’t even love at first sight, he knows her from the neighborhood and sincerely likes her and wants to marry her for herself. And he isn’t lying to her, exactly, her Mom is just helping them bump into each other a lot, nothing more than that. Most importantly, they don’t start vibing for real-real until after he has told Ayesha off, said this is uncomfortable, he didn’t know Yami had an ex hanging around, all of it is wrong. Only then, completely without planning, do they run into each other again and Yami invites him out for a meal. Lovely construction, if you are looking for it you can see that there is a little through line of the parental involvement actually being a bad thing. Everything Ayesha tells him to try backfires, but just being himself and letting Yami decide, works.

Second half, WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! The central conflict of the film until now is that Vikrant is shy and Yami is confused about her boyfriend. And then suddenly it turns into Vikrant as this super macho judgey type who gives ultimatums and bursts into rooms and drives Yami away. And then rushes into an engagement, EVEN THOUGH the whole first half was about him realizing arranged engagement isn’t what he wants!!! After everything, at Vikrant’s wedding it resets to Yami and Vikrant as good friends and not romantic as though everything since the interval hadn’t happened.

Usually with these cheap type films it feels like the plot is too thin, like they ran out of money before the final twist. This time, maybe they had too much money? Maybe they were pushed to make it to 2 hours? Anyway, everything from the interval to the wedding makes no sense and ultimately doesn’t matter. What would make sense is to have our shy sweet hero walk away when Yami seemingly loses interest and return to his position as her supportive friend. To have the parents force him into an engagement and him go along with it, meanwhile Yami realize she doesn’t want the boyfriend after all, and then go to his wedding to break it up. That fits! And returns to the central conflict we saw with these characters at the start, he wants a quick traditional arranged marriage, she wants a love match. And in the end they meet in the middle with their arranged/love.

See, it’s fun!

Instead we get the hero suddenly turning into this crazily confident demanding macho type! Where did that come from? It’s like aliens replaced him between the first and second half. It’s not just that the second half hero is a big old judgmental jerkface (complains to Ayesha that Yami smokes pot), it’s just poor writing because he changes to a totally different person. There’s no character continuity. Yami suffers a little too, goes from a wild fun sassy girl in the first half, to one who can’t make up her own mind and is worried about hurting feelings. And then they go back again just as fast! Sweet Vikrant reappears and takes Yami for a birthday surprise, sassy Yami reappears and demands he leave his wedding.

It’s just very odd. Not sure if someone came along and said “this script doesn’t work, you have to make the hero macho”, or if they just had no imagination and went to macho misunderstandings as an easy way to kill 20 minutes before the ending. But why throw it in when it doesn’t fit the rest of the film at all?

See, this bit is back to the same characters they had at the start. But the rest isn’t. What the heck?

Oh, and the other super odd part, they redeem the ex-boyfriend in a way that ends up making him more worthwhile than the hero! Why would you do that with the “bad guy” and not the “good guy”? The ex really is a bad guy, keeps texting and hanging out with her and sending mixed signals while also wanting to break up because she didn’t want to get married. Rich kid, living off his parents, that too. Then of course changes his mind and proposes as soon as she looks interested in anyone else, won’t accept it when she says no, and even brings his parents to her house! But then is redeemed because he listens and accepts it when she says “no” again. Goes beyond redemption to “hey, this is a good guy” when he approaches her again to apologize, for playing mind games, for proposing out of insecurity, and for not accepting her “no”. But, see, Vikrant did a lot of that too! But he never apologizes! Or owns up to doing anything wrong! If the writers could see that the ex should apologize, why couldn’t they see that with Vikrant.

I don’t know, it’s just a mish-mosh mess. Lots of very pleasant things and happiness, and some very weird character decisions in the middle.

12 thoughts on “Ginny Weds Sunny Review (SPOILERS): Why Does Vikrant Massay Have to Turn Into a Big Old Jerk?

  1. “I don’t know, it’s just a mish-mosh mess. Lots of very pleasant things and happiness, and some very weird character decisions in the middle.”

    Exactly my thoughts at the end of the movie. It could be so much better. Everything I like was there but I didn’t love the movie and it took me few days to finish it. I realized while watching that I was much more involved in Cargo, and nothing really happens in Cargo.

    What I liked: Yumi! She was great, I loved her and her character and all her outfits (I checked the brand and I’m watching their site now, so colorful and so happy).
    What I didn’t like: Sunny. He was terrible, had horrible hair and was inferior to Yumi. They were incompatible and I didn’t want them to be together. And it’s the worst thing in a rom-com. I should cheer for them, and insteed I was like: Yeah the ex is not perfect but he’s a better choice than Vikrant.
    I must also confess that I kept imagining Arjun Kapoor as Sunny. I love Vikrant but idk maybe it’s because I’m used to see him in different kind of roles or because the character was a mess, but I didn’t like him here.

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    • Maybe the issue is that everything you like is there, but also things you don’t like? It’s not so much that stuff has to be added to the film as that stuff has to be removed.

      And yes! Sunny was terrible! And incompatible! And they were set up to be so compatible, him all sweet and supportive, and her all tough and confident. And then out of nowhere he turns into this super macho regressive type and ruins it all.


      • Yumi was too good for Vikrant and that’s what ruins the movie.

        I also didn’t find this film cheap. Sometimes, as you wrote you can cleary see it’s low-budget movie (e.g Aashiqui 2, Running shaadi etc) but here I was surprised how lovely some scenes were.The wedding palace was beautiful and huge, full of flowers and colours. The houses were nice too.


        • And she wasn’t at the start! The Vikrant we met in the first 15 minutes was perfect for her. Sweet, nice family, liked to cook, liked Yami for herself, willing to wait and work and try to make her like him. And then the rest of the film happened and Yami got slightly even more awesome, and Vikrant just turned HORRIBLE.

          On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 7:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I didn’t like him from the beginning – the way he treated his girlfriend and the fact he only wanted to marry to have a restaurant.


  2. The movie was super confused about presenting the hero as a stalker or a flirt.That blurred line made it a mess.
    As ugly as Vikrant’s hair is in this film,half of my colleagues have the same hairstyle.Those antennae need to go out of fashion.


    • Yes! He starts out this shy guy following her around and then all of a sudden like a switch was flipped, he becomes charming and casual.

      On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 10:59 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Yeah, why DOES he have to turn into a jerk???

    I totally thought they were moving to having the bad boyfriend be the actual hero, and have the good guy be the bad guy and I was like wow, that would be daring. But no! And then he crowned his evil deeds by also involved this blameless other woman for no reason.

    Anyway, what did you think of his hair?


    • I do not like this hair! And I kept getting distracted thinking how much time it must take him to get ready in the morning, which seemed completely out of character for this shy uncool dude.

      Ayushmann had similar hair in his recent things, and I think he can actually pull it off, something about his face shape makes it work. But on Vikrant, it took away all the delicacy of his features that usually make him stand out.

      On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 1:10 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It looks like a black loaf of bread sitting on top of his head. It might have been a character choice because it IS very typical clueless young man hair, but eh.

        Ayushmann has bigger, coarser features so he can get away with more, I think.


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