Saturday WatchAlong: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! 7:30am Chicago Time, HALLOWEEN!!!!

Happy Halloween! I have my spooky Halloween earrings on, my coffee, and I’ve walked the dog. Let’s do this!

First, most importantly, my new Halloween earrings!

Okay, now movie stuff! At 7:30am, I will post a “And PLAY” comment and then we start commenting along right here below this post.

604 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! 7:30am Chicago Time, HALLOWEEN!!!!

    • Absolutely! And here’s what is bothering me, the way Anupam said he was lonely after his wife died and therefore asked for Rani to come back makes me think that his wife died recently. What is he doing already lusting after Miss Braganza????


  1. Those overalls are hidieously unflattering on Kajol, but also the perfect costume for “she’s still growing up and doesn’t understand her feelings and not like Rani” in this song.


  2. I don’t remember when it happens in the song so I am just going to mention it now. At some point, the camera spins 360 degrees and catches Shahrukh popping up with a different back-up dance group for each line of the chorus. The way they did it was Farah had him duck down in half and run under the Camera, then pop up and say his line, then run run run to the next group and pop-up, and so on.

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  3. Oh man, Rifatbi sees and knows all. She must have seen so many college girls get their hearts broken. Poor Kajol! This is so hard to watch!!!!


  4. I like that in this scene, they have kept Rani complexion almost normal and not tried to lighten it as much! Or maybe it is just the lighting.


  5. Just noticed Shah Rukh makes some of the same bashful faces in the temple scene as he does later in the charades scene, but he somehow looks slightly goofy here instead of heart stoppingly beautiful like later.

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