Saturday WatchAlong: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! 7:30am Chicago Time, HALLOWEEN!!!!

Happy Halloween! I have my spooky Halloween earrings on, my coffee, and I’ve walked the dog. Let’s do this!

First, most importantly, my new Halloween earrings!

Okay, now movie stuff! At 7:30am, I will post a “And PLAY” comment and then we start commenting along right here below this post.

604 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! 7:30am Chicago Time, HALLOWEEN!!!!

  1. Oh Shahrukh! Such a sweet way of proposing! Although also nothing that would stand up in court, I don’t know if Rani should start planning the wedding just on that.

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  2. This song is the first thing I saw about this movie. And I right away fell in love with adorable short haired girl. I could tell by the filming that I was supposed to like the other woman, but I never did.


  3. This song is really amazing. We get the love triangle spelled out, so clear that Rani and SRK are in love an Kajol is just dreaming of him by herself. Plus the lyrics are perfect for young start of love euphoria, slightly different from the usual. And I want all of Kajol’s sweaters.

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  4. No!!! Let Tina walk away! She could have fallen in love with someone else and lived!!! You are just setting her up for heartbreak one way or the other.


  5. In one of those deep dives into this scene, Karan said Shah Rukh was punching the column because he was so mad at himself for being terrible at laughing convincingly. That was the last of a bunch of takes he’d messed up.

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  6. What’s amazing about this scene is you can’t even be mad at Shahrukh! Or, at least, you know it is unfair to be mad at him. He’s happy and scared and emotional just as much as she is. That “oh shit” was just right.

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  7. Again, this is a parallel of the charades scene “I love you”, with so many parallel emotions, and yet he manages to make his face and gestures more immature to where he seems like a different guy.

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  8. Something that just occurs to me, the whole movie up until now has been about Kajol as a tomboy, uncomfortable with woman stuff. But this song leaps past the shallow college girl identity that she struggles with into mature womanly heartbreak, places her firmly into a sisterhood.

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    • I have always been curious about this. Does she not have a degree? Did she return to college years later and that’s why she gets married so late? How is she teaching kids without a degree (I’m assuming an M.Ed or something is required).


      • Well, she’s just teaching dance at a summer camp. And her Mom’s house is really really big. Maybe her “job” is just taking care of her Mom and house and occasionally teaching dance classes?


      • In the US, as long as you get your teaching certificate, you can teach. Not sure how many courses you have to take, but you at least have to pass a test and can have a degree in whatever. Maybe it’s something similar in India.


  9. This scene is so good. Shahrukh isn’t “in love” with her all of a sudden. He feels just the same as before, but is blind to what his actions are revealing about what those feelings are. This isn’t just friendship!

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  10. Rani – you died and now expect an 8 year old to play matchmaker with no guidance as to how to find Kajol?! You couldn’t have at least found Kajol before you died?!

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    • Maybe she did! But that was 8 years ago and they’ve lost her again. Also, did it never occur to her that Kajol could have gotten married in the interim and you will forever scar your daughter with a sense of failure?

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        • What she should have done was have Farida read the letters, and substitute a different 8th birthday one depending on if Kajol was still single and so was Shahrukh.

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      • This is the one thing I’ve always been curious about. Kajol would be around 29-30, which is horrendously late in movie-time and in 90s desi culture. My idea is that Aman has been in love with her and waiting since she was around 24-25 and she was finishing her degree and getting her teacher’s certificate and taking care of her mom and the fam, so they’re engaged, just waiting for the right time for her to move.

        Rani maybe just wants her around as a friend for Rahul, if not a wife.

        Dammit, Anjali. Aman is clearly perf.


  11. So maybe the letter just said “Anjali was his best friend in college, they played basketball every day, I think she fell in love with him and left when we got engaged” and everything else was only visible to the audience?

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  12. AND now for the major fault point of this film, she asks her daughter at the age of 8, to find her dad’s lost friend. Because that lost friend wouldn’t have married in 8 years! Because he wouldn’t have found anyone else in 8 years! Because an 8 year old is old enough to set this up? Well, it is a movie.

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