Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on Dia and Dino’s Birthday?

Happy Wednesday! And happy birthday of attractive people who two syllable names starting with “D”!

I’ll start!

Reading: Comic books! They’re fun!!!

Watching: I watched Home Alone with my parents for the first time last night, not a huge fan. Also watched Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, which was EXCELLENT. And right now I am watching A Knight Before Christmas. Ahhhh, dumb Christmas romance movies! They are the best.

Thinking: I have almost finished all my present stuff!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Saturday I will do the final packing and mailing and then I have nothing to do but enjoy Christmas. Which is the point at which I remember my favorite thing about Christmas is making presents, and get sad.

Listening: We’re watching Mubarakan this Friday! Let’s get into the Mubarakan spirit!

Okay, question for you! I am already planning how to rewrite Home Alone to make it better, what other holiday movies do you think are flawed and dull and you want me to fix them?

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on Dia and Dino’s Birthday?

  1. I got my card! Thanks so much, it’s glorious! Govinda, Aamir, AND a snake lady??? Why can’t they be my actual christmas presents?

    I was watching some 70s masala movies but now work is suddenly super busy again so back it is to detectives.


  2. Can you recast Bing, Danny, Vera and Rosie in a Mumbai White Christmas? Okay, a Hot Christmas. Or maybe Christmas in Gulmarg.

    And I totally don’t believe you when you say you’ll have nothing to do.


  3. They released the new Husn Hai Suhaana! Which is what I was looking forward to (or, dreading!) from Coolie No.1. Best thing about it is they’ve kept the original vocals. Varun’ ok, but Sara impressed me! She totally embraces the wackiness of this world, what’s hilarious is that they both try to emulate Govinda at different points but she’s doing it better than Varun 🙂


    • Man I love that. They kept enough of the steps to really highlight how great Govinda is. Sara does well, actually! She could maybe be in the original although the female part is also more complex in parts.


  4. HotStar is releasing a new comedy web series (Triples) and the director kept making references to Crazy Mohan so had to watch Michael Madana Kamarajan. I think is one of the best Indian comedies. It also reminded me what a wonderful actor is Urvasi. I think she can play any roll well but her comic timing is something else.


  5. Still mostly thinking about my mental state. For an update, I got a sunlamp as well as two different kinds of anti anxiety supplements. I just started using everything today, but so far I think it seems to be working? I’m also trying to distract myself constantly so.

    I got my hair cut and straightened and I’m excited to freak the kids out. And I also just got your card in the mail and promptly hung it up on my wall. It’s a bit lonely since I don’t have anything else there. My bedframe is supposed to come next week but the rest of my bedroom furniture isn’t getting here until February which is very annoying.


    • Yaaaaay, sunlamp!!!! Sunlamp is great. Also, Vitamin D! So long as you are trying everything.

      I’m trying to remember, we had a whole hair discussion a while back, was your hair one of the “curly and really nice if I do everything right, but a mess if I don’t” hairs?

      So happy you got my card! I should send you more! When someone moved last year (Patricia Merry? Maria Gil? One of them) I sent a whole packet of leftover cards to provide lovely decoration for the walls. Would you like the same?

      Also, is it considered inappropriate to ask your kids to send you stuff for the wall? Because I think a bunch of drawings by 15 year olds would be AWESOME. And if you taught kindergarten, you would have so much artwork available to you, why should high school teachers be any less?

      On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 5:30 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Pretty much. It’s not a disaster if I don’t do as much to it, but now that I’ve seen what it looks like when you do everything you’re “supposed to”, I don’t want to go back.

        I mean, if you want, haha. I feel like asking the kids might be inappropriate. Giving them my personal address is probably a massive no no, so they’d have to send it to the school and it might be intercepted by the secretaries. I know I could physically go in and get them, I just feel like I’d be getting so much side eye if I did it, mostly cuz I don’t have tenure and I’m very scared to ask for things like that. Plus, my family is super hesitant about decorations since I don’t have all my furniture yet. I got a huge dresser mirror that will take up most of my currently empty wall space, so it would be smart to wait until that arrives and then see how much room I have left.


        • Decorating is so exciting! I hung all my pictures in my current bedroom around where the bed and bureau were. And then I rearranged the furniture like 4 times, so now I have these weird empty spaces that are meaningless. Oh well.

          On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 6:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I watched A Bad Mom’s Christmas with my mom. My favorite part of the holidays is cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix. I didn’t bother to read anything about this and just clicked it and it turned out to be way more risque than I expected. If I knew, I would have avoided watching it with my mother! But anyway, we enjoyed it even though there were some cringe moments.


  7. Last week I saw Middle Class Melodies with Anand Devarakonda and I thought I can watch his other movie: Dorasaani. Man, it was hard to finish, because it was sooooo slow and sooo boring. I have been watching it in pieces for 7 days! And I’m a target audience for this kind of movie!
    I was suprised when I saw that this movie is available on einthusan, because I didn’t have idea it released already. I remember seeing he poster long time ago, and then nothing for months. Now I know why.
    It’s about poor guy who falls in love with landlord’s daughter. Everybody in the village shit his pants only by hearing the landlord’s name, and this guy was like: Man, the girl is nice, I can try my luck. There is no harm in trying.
    It’s set in a little regressive village in Andhra Pradesh in 80′ and anyone with half brain would understand there will be a lot of harm, but not this guy. And so he started to court her by standing under her window every night. She fell in love with him because she saw him every night under that window. They talked for the first time after 1 hour of the movie and the dialogue was more or less like that (I shit you not):
    – So what’s your name?
    -Raju, and your?
    – Devaki,
    – Oh,I will continue to call you Dorasaani (Princess, Lady). So what do you like in me?
    – I like that you come under my window everynight. And what do you like in me?
    – I like that you look at me when I stand under your window.

    There is only one good thing in the movie: Kishore. The movie comes alive every time he enters. What a pity he only has a few short scenes. I’m already a fan. And the good news is that he will be in Maara (Madhavan’s Charlie). Another reason to wait for that movie.


    • Blech, if I tell someone my name, I want them to call me by my name! Not say “ooo, I will call you Princess”

      On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 2:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It says a lot about their “love”. The were in love but never talked or know their names. Is it worth to risk your life for this?
        I was a little ashamed I didn’t like the movie because there were a lot of little good things: the way Dorasaani was treated, like a beautiful doll to dress and show, but nothing more. How the villagers needed a revolution etc, but it all was so slow and the love story so weak I should definitely skip this one.


  8. This is kind of a random, half-formed thought, but I saw the announcement today that Disney has a crazy huge development slate in store for Disney+
    “During this afternoon’s big Disney Investor Day presentation, the company teased that it has “roughly” 10 Marvel shows, 10 Star Wars shows, 15 Disney/Disney Animation/Pixar shows, and 15 Disney/Disney Animation/Pixar movies in the works for Disney+”

    And the spin-off Ahsoka caught my eye. I haven’t watched the Mandalorian so I have no opinions on this character but I was curious about the name. Which led me to Wikipedia.

    Where it turns out that Lucas conceived of this character as a 14-year-old girl…and then named her after Asoka. He then handed the character to a screenwriter who has no idea about 14-year-old girls or Asoka. Her appearance was created by designers inspired by the Hayao Miyazaki character Princess Mononoke, and her armor is a “pseudo Samurai look”.

    Just…what is this hopeless mashup? I guess I’m just marveling at how white dudes in Hollywood take a bunch of vaguely understood ingredients from other places, stir them into a futuristic story world, and then export it around the world.


    • First, all I want from Disney is more episodes of Raven’s Home. Nothing else matters.

      Second, that Ashoka thing is so weird! I had a similar reaction to “Annapurna Pictures”, the Megan Ellison upstart film studio. It produced Zero Dark Thirty, so here was a movie all about South Asia, produced by a studio named after a Hindu Goddess, and no one seemed to make the connection. Megan Ellison named it after some mountain she climbed I think, not realizing the mountain was named for a Goddess etc. etc. For me it was really dramatic, having been primed by desi film companies that all have mythological names and desi anti-Muslim movies. But I guess to the white Hollywood folks, no idea of the connection.

      On the other side, also related to Asoka, I was really surprised once by a completely appropriate connection. At church I noticed a bit of incidental music in the program identified as “Asoka’s Lament” by White Dude. So I was all headshaking about it and then I went home and looked it up, and it is an original piece written for Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary to play behind visuals of a battlefied post-battle. So absolutely totally spot on correct Asoka allusion. Good on everyone involved there!

      On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 5:51 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It’s the weird side of Hollywood, just floating, historyless names there for the taking.

        The Ken Burns story is nice. People who read books and do research.


      • Zero Dark Thirty isn’t about South Asia but Middle East,or what America thinks of it.Convenient that it was released shortly before 2012 elections,with the hero worshipping of Obama that went on after Osama was gone.
        I think that while ‘Annapurna’ is associated with a goddess,it literally means ‘provider of food grains’ and in context of the mountain it is a source of several streams which irrigate the fields(thus indirectly responsible for food production).This is what I heard from the locals.I don’t think she thought hard about it.Besides,the trekking circuit is amazing,I don’t blame her for loving Annapurna Massif.


  9. I checked my Spotify Wrapped today and discovered that the song I have listened to more often in 2020 was Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas. I love this song so much, but I didn’t expect it to by my numer 1. but yes, it deserves it.
    Then numer 2 and 3 are two bachatas, and 4. is a ballad from a bengali film. Then mariachi songs and one punjabi hit. I love my taste in music 😉


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