American Musicals Post: La La Land and Vennilave

This is one of those situations when I get SO FRUSTRATED with how everyone is going “WOW! Did you see this?”  While I am going “Yes, when I was 5 years old…..Do you, like, never watch anything before 1980?”, and I just CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!  So I am going to force you all to learn the basics of American musical/dance history on film, so you can better appreciate how that interacts with modern Indian film, and the occasional very very rare modern American musical.

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Have I mentioned I’m a Cubs Fan?

So, slightly slowing on the watching/writing about new movies this week, since all my evenings are devoted to the World Series.  I’m not much of a Cubs fan, more as a kind of family tradition (4th generation! On both sides!) than as a thing I enjoy.  But I do make a point of watching/listening to every game if they make it to post-season.  Which has only happened 4 times in my lifetime, so it’s not a real big commitment.

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