Videos to Start 2021 Right! Cute Dogs, Salman Khan Sketching, Sanya Malhotra Dancing, Arijit Singh Singing

It’s all the best things about DCIB! Cute dogs, dumb celebrities, great dancing, great singing. Watch them all, or pick the part you like best.

Cute dogs! This is from a rescue I am in the mailing list for, I assume they asked adopters to send in photos and resolutions. Anyway, SO CUTE!!!

And then there is the other pillar of the DCIB community. Stupid celebrity stuff that is harmless! Check out Salman making a charcoal sketch which, I think, is also a statement about communal harmony. But mostly very soothing and kind of nice to watch Salman do a quick sketch.

And then there is dance! Sanya Malhotra is an awesome dancer who occasionally releases videos of herself dancing with her choreographer friend/teacher. I love them, so simple, no edits, real dancing, and sooooooooooo smoooooooooooth.

If you liked that smooth simple raw moment, you will love this one! Pritam and Arijit Singh doing a duet in lockdown is so lovely. And it makes you really realize, once again, just how GOOD Arijit Singh is. Pritam starts, and is fine, and then Arijit just makes it soar. And Pritam agrees, I love his happy grin while he listens.

2 thoughts on “Videos to Start 2021 Right! Cute Dogs, Salman Khan Sketching, Sanya Malhotra Dancing, Arijit Singh Singing

  1. Aw, that’s such a nice quarantine music video. I love watching the actual singers sing. When you feel like it, one of these days, could you do a round up of your favorite singer videos? The only ones I know are ones you’ve posted, or Coke Studios, or that one version of the Nooran Sisters singing Jee Ve Sohaneya that I love because it sounds just like flamenco.

    I like Sanya’s dance videos but I have to admit I end up watching her beautiful choreographer more than her.


    • Vidya Vox! You need to watch her.

      And also Penn Masala

      Jonita Gandhi has done actual soundtrack versions and also covers

      Jasleen Royal! Was in Gully Boy

      And this isn’t a regular singer channel, but you MUST see Shankar sing “Breathless”. It’s a fun challenge song, because it’s long stretches without taking breaths. Also, it sounds pretty!

      Oh, and Neeti Mohan, I also love her

      On Sat, Jan 2, 2021 at 4:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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