DCIB Book Club Week 2: Three Middle-Aged Romance Short Stories From LM Montgomery! Also Free!!!!

You thought I would build on the extremely short light easy read from last week to something harder? HA! NO! I am of course going down to something even easier. Next week, perhaps fanfic? We don’t want to overtax our brains.

In Olden Days, magazines used to have short stories. Not like artsy short stories that are all poetic and delicate, but like a regular novel with a beginning and an end, only shorter so it could print in a magazine. I love these stories, all the pleasures of narrative fiction but in only a fraction of the time! They are also, of course, very much of their time. Expect some light classism, racism, and old-fashioned gender views.

Anyway, this week I am going to make you read three of my favorite old short stories and then we can discuss and figure out which one we would remake as an Indian movie and stuff.

L.M. Montgomery-“The Materializing of Cecil” (in Further Chronicles of Avonlea)

A freakin’ DELIGHTFUL older romance with a sensitive sweet older heroine, which has already inspired a fanfic from me, and which I want to spread about the world. Montgomery, of course, wrote the Anne of Green Gables series and a whole bunch of other books too. All of them, like this story, set in the old-fashioned relaxed gossipy farming towns of Canada.

And of course, also FREE!!!


L.M. Montgomery- “The Quarantine at Alexander Abrahams” (in Chronicles of Avonlea)

Another DELIGHTFUL older romance! Between a very bossy and terrifying church lady, and a very grumpy and isolationist old farmer. Obviously you want to read this!

And of course, also FREE!!!!


L.M. Montgomery- “The Hurrying of Ludovic” (Chronicles of Avonlea)

The simplest one of them all, but I kind of like the slight twist ending to it, and it has the most romance for our middle-aged heroine of them all.

Link here:



8 thoughts on “DCIB Book Club Week 2: Three Middle-Aged Romance Short Stories From LM Montgomery! Also Free!!!!

  1. Yes!!! I think I’ve read a fair number of her short stories, so it’ll be fun to see if I’ve read these, or if they’ll be new for me. Or, alternatively, it could be that it’s been so long and I just don’t remember anymore. Regardless, I’m sure it’ll be fun 🙂


  2. They are good, l loved the quarantine. I’ve read most of Montgomery and F Hodgson Burnett – have you come across Elizabeth Goudge? If not, you might like The Little White Horse, Linnets & Valerians, or The Dean’s Watch. She is old fashioned but tough and I love her.


    • I love The Little White Horse!!!! Someone gave it to me I think when I was a kid, so I read that one over and over again, but not any of her other stuff. Burnett and Montgomery, I’ve ready almost everything.

      On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 4:03 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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