Dabboo SRK Photo! To Cheer Me Up!!!!

Good morning! Thank goodness, SRK is here for me. And also Emily, who linked to this photo.

Dabboo just posted this on instagram

I kind of wonder if this was a distance photo? For one thing, there aren’t any friendly photos of Dabboo with SRK on his instagram feed, and they always hang out after a shoot. And with this angle, it could definitely be Dabboo directing SRK in how to move from a distant camera. Also, the post production is so high, look at the way his beard is all highlighted and defined!

What do you think? About all of it?


7 thoughts on “Dabboo SRK Photo! To Cheer Me Up!!!!

  1. Oh dear, he is so gorgeous but the zero fat, pumped vein look is so euww to me – is he still doing this to himself, or is it an older photo?


  2. Could be a distance photo, makes sense. It’s so photoshopped, cheeks all defined and the beard like you say, this could be from HNY era – wish it was more natural. I miss soft Shahrukh! Something else to cheer you up –


  3. I was looking at how different the texture is from his face to his body, like they highlighted the veins but smoothed out the wrinkles? Anyway, still pretty.


  4. In my eyes from a photoshoot from 8 or 7 years ago. I’m quite sure that ShahRukh did not do a shoot for a really long while with Daboo… (certainly could be mistaken, so).
    Hasn’t photoshop become almost a must in those kind of pics…the selfie culture supports this …and till now ShahRukh not even has acknowledged it…
    Well, nevertheless, in times of drought, every drop of water is refreshing πŸ˜‰


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