Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the First Day of September?

Happy Wednesday!!! And Happy September!!! I am so glad to have made it to fall, my Favorite season. Especially this year when summer was so super super oppressively hot, and I had to move 3 times.

I’ll start!

Watching: Finally watched Mimi, watched Haseena Dillruba at Friend Movie Night for a second time last week. First time, it was a massive hit. Second time, too dark for everyone. Tastes differ I guess. I promised a super SUPER light and happy movie tonight to make up for it. Oh, and I watched a new 5 part documentary on Children of God which is interesting if you like cults, and also if you are trying to puzzle out if it is possible that make Katrina Kaif was raised in the group.

Reading: Ngaio Marsh Inspector Allyn mysteries, highly recommend. If you like Christie, PD James, and Dorothy Sawyers, you will like these. Also, in my podcast world, listening to lots of BBC investigation serials. British accents and awful crimes, such a soothing combination while driving around doing a million moving errands.

Thinking: Thank goodness the heat broke! I truly thought moving in and unpacking was going to be beyond me, and then the heat broke and I stopped feeling faint whenever I went into the unairconditioned box rooms and now it’s all possible. New theory, I have to unpack 3 boxes before coffee/work and at least 5 boxes every day. Not gonna worry about the big picture, just focus on accomplishing those little goals and keep moving forward.

Listening: Ignoring podcasts while driving (the Amazon return hub is SO FAR AWAY!), I’ve also been listening to Kal Ho Na Ho since our watchalong. The soundtrack is so good!

Now, question for you! Yesterday was Rajkummar Rao’s birthday, what is your favorite Rajkummar Rao performance?

Just in terms of performance, Talaash! He plays Aamir Khan’s awkward second in command, I’m not even sure if his character has a name, but his confused patient presence observing Aamir’s descent into eccentricity adds a whole other layer to the film! Especially on rewatches. A less skilled and hardworking actor would have just strolled through this tiny part, but Rajkummar brings it to life.

Talaash | Netflix

35 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to the First Day of September?

  1. I saw Mimi but didn’t enjoy it that much. Still need to give Haseena Dillruba a try sometime this week.

    I also watched Annette recently and it was weird movie that had some interesting moments but it’s probably not something I would watch again.

    There’s this telugu movie called Choosi Choodangaane on Prime that I really loved. It’s a rom-com with actors that I’ve never seen before and the story isn’t really new or anything but I really enjoyed it. It was just a really cute movie with great songs!


  2. Oh yeah to answer your question, my favorite Rajkummar Rao movie is probably Bareilly Ki Barfi. I haven’t seen many of his movies but he was really fun in that.

    Also Nani’s latest release, Tuck Jagadish, is coming out on Prime on the 10th. Here’s the trailer:


    • When I saw the first scenes of this trailer I thought: Oh no, another telugu movie with dudes beating others with the sticks and stuff. I will skip this one. But in the end I was very engrossed and I think I will give it a chance.


      • Lol same, I wasn’t that excited to see Nani in one of these types of movies. But the director is the guy who made Ninnu Kori and Majili which I liked so I’m still going to check this one out. Also I really like Ritu Varma so I kinda want to watch it just for her.


  3. I posted reviews for 20 Christopher Lee movies, so look at me, doing something (?).

    My favourite Rajkummar is a tie between Bareilly ki Barfi because I think he’s really cute both as a super shy man and as the bad boy, and Five Weddings enirely because of how much he was sewn into his uniform in that movie. If you’re asking about acting (ugh), probably Newton.


  4. Which super light and happy movie are you watching tonight? I can’t get myself to finish Haseena Dilruba. I start it and just can’t get through it. I think I need to be in the right headspace for it. I am with your 2nd time watch friends. I think it is just too dark for me. And I keep failing to find the humor in it.

    I agree with everyone else, best Rajkumar performance, Bareilly Ki Barfi! SO SO good! But I also agree with you that Rajkumar does such am AMAZING job in small roles. I noticed that in Talaash but also Love Sonia and Dolly Ki Doly. Most actors would either never take those parts or just sleep through them. Yet, Rajkumar takes them so seriously and his part is felt in every one of those roles. The only other person who acts to that calibar in the smallest roles in Juhi. I am particularly thinking of Juhi in Paheli, and 100 Foot Journey.


    • I’m thinking of Bareilly Ki Barfi for tonight! It’s happy, it’s silly, and it’s Rajkummar.

      On Wed, Sep 1, 2021 at 1:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yay! It is one my list of absolute favorite movies of all time! I LOVE Kriti in it. It is happy and silly, BUT if your friends are sensitive to bullying, from my perspective, whenever I have watch it, Ayushman’s treatment of Rajkumar really really bothers me. His character is definitely grey in it IMO. I have also probably thought about this movie way more than a normal person should. Your friends might not be thinking about this movie as much as I have.


  5. I watched Manje Bistre (punjabi) it was nice but I don’t recommend it because almost nothing happens in this film. It’s 2 hours of people preparing a wedding in a village. Angrej was better and had better music.
    I also saw Googly (kannada) because I was in a mood for Yash. He looks good, but the movie was so boring. Not recommended.

    My son and I can’t stop listening to Vivo soundtrack.


    • Went GREAT! The redemption arc at the end worked, poor Ayushmann had to suffer sooooooooooo much. And then we had a nice Zoom chat about dogs and other important things.

      On Thu, Sep 2, 2021 at 12:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. The heat as broken in NJ as well, but I also returned to the classroom yesterday with a full house. Masked, with so many people in one un-air-conditioned building was oppressive. Last year we weren’t allowed to use fans, and I’m not sure if that rule rolls over into this year as well, but since I don’t have tenure, I’m scared to risk it. Maybe it’s cuz yesterday was so humid.

    The only other update I have is about Ida, which came barreling the Northeast yesterday. I was at my parents’ house for dinner when my friend in PA texted saying that she was sitting in her basement because of a tornado warning, and about an hour later, we got the same warning. I sat in the middle of the hallway for maybe ten minutes, but the rain and wind and lightning was so crazy my parents’ made me stay with them for the night. My mom gave me old clothes to sleep in and unopened makeup to use for work. I had dresses left at the house that I never moved that went with the shoes I was wearing. So I wake up this morning, wash my face, brush my teeth, and then check my phone to find out my district is closed for the day due to flooding. Nothing bad in my area, as far as I could see, or from my friend in PA. The worst I heard from anyone I knew, aside from flooding, is my boyfriend had to sleep in his car because he was driving when it got really bad and couldn’t make it home. I’m not even two days into the school year and it’s already crazy.


    • But you got to spend the night at your parents! That sounds so cozy!!!

      Growing up in Tornado Country, I never feel quite comfortable in buildings without basements, for this exact reason. It’s just so safe and cozy down in a basement during a big storm/tornado watch.

      On Thu, Sep 2, 2021 at 4:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • It was a very intense storm! Glad your parents kept you off the road, that was the worst place to be. Hope your new place held up OK.

      And yes, the start to this school year already feels kind of crazy making – and my kids don’t even go back until Thursday.


      • New place is fine. I was just as nervous to go back since I’m now in a 3rd floor condo. My roommate (ironically, also named Emily) is away on vacation so she texted me asking me to bring in the furniture we had on the balcony and I was obviously not able to so I panicked that our chairs were going to crash through the window or onto someone’s car, but literally no damages. Even the pond the next street over seemed normal and not overflowing.


  7. I’ve been having big, abstract, thinky thoughts about the word “normal”. I’ve been pondering it for a while, ever since our biggest right-wing party came up with the slogan “Germany, but normal” for the upcoming elections and I felt attacked by that. Then our daughter has me thinking about terms of self-identification for (minority) groups and how they always seem to gain derogatory associations after a while. And now you guys were calling out the use of “normal” for “straight” in KHNH. Which has me thinking that my insight is probably not new, but it is for me:

    “Normal” is one of the most insidious words in the world. It seems so harmless and like nothing special; if you lost that adjective from a sentence, you would loose very little information. I think most people would consider themselves pretty normal, which is why that party slogan is so genius.

    But the word/concept “normal” can do enormous damage when you take it to mean the opposite of any group denominator, like “gay”, “disabled”, “lefty”, “black”, … When I was a kid in Germany, people still used the word “negro” and meant nothing more offensive than they mean by “black” now. That’s why I fear the latter word will fare no better in time, because at its core, it’s still taken to mean “not normal”.

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    • I will throw another word at you! What about “different”? Again, it seems harmless. But the very need for the word means that there are people who are not different, who are what everyone should be. “Normal” and “Different”, two sides of the same coin, you can’t have one without the other.

      Is there any acceptable way to use them? For instance, if I were to say “normal” family, I would mean a family that has fights but ultimately loves each other, is not abusive, puts their kids first, etc. etc. To me, that seems harmless. But if I were to use that definition of “normal” family in front of someone who was raised in an abusive home, would it be hurtful? Or perhaps might it be helpful, to tell them that their experiences were not “normal”, were not what they should have been?

      If I say, “I love this picture your child drew, she has such a different way of looking at the world”, is that a good thing? Or is that a backhanded insult, saying your child is not what children should be? Is it the words themselves that are poison, or is it the intention behind them?

      I hope that Black in Germany is not just a change of word, but a change of intention. Have you followed the re-appropriation of Queer? I am sure you have. It makes me so happy, a word that has gone from a hate term to an accepted useful term to define a community, from evil to neutral. In America at least, I think that is the intention with the new use of Black (capital B), along with American Indian and Latinx and various other names that acknowledge the historical identity of the community while redefining them for a new era.

      On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 4:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I think „different“ is more complex. For one, it’s a little more obvious (to me) that it can be used to alienate people. But then I also think that we shouldn’t deny individual differences. For example, our daughter has a different hair structure than we do, so she needs a different kind of hair care. Everybody is different in one way or another. I think the trouble with “different” starts when you don’t bother mentioning who someone is different from, or even in which way.

        I had to think a bit harder to come up with situations where I’d find it OK to use “normal” with regard to a person. But then I rewatched ELKDTAL, and they had the statement: “This is normal for me.” Great! So expanding from that, I think “normal” can be helpful to describe something that individually you don’t need to worry about: “My body temperature may be a little high, but that’s normal for me.” “Our son is taking his sweet time on the way home from school, but that’s normal for him. He’s probably watching cars with his friends.” And I’d put your “normal” family in the same category, because an abusive one is definitely unhealthy and something to worry about.


        • That hair example is perfect! If you just say “his/her/their hair is different” it is immediately wrong. Because it defines that there is a particular way hair should be and, unless we are talking about an actual medical issue, there is no way hair SHOULD be. But if you say “his/her/their hair is different from his/her/their hair”, then it is just comparing two almost equal things. One of your kids is a boy and one is a girl. One has hair like this, and one has hair like that. And probably one will, I don’t know, like the color purple and one will like the color green. Equally good, just not the same.

          You use the word “healthy” as related to “normal”. Maybe that’s a good check? If you could substitute “healthy”, it’s a fine use. “This is a normal relationship” meaning “not abusive, not uncommunicative, not filled with hate.” Or, “this is a normal diet” meaning “not actively killing you”.

          On Sat, Sep 4, 2021 at 2:27 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Agree. “Normal” for “healthy” is alright. But then of course you might just as well use “healthy” and leave “normal” for things like match sticks that came out of the machine according to specifications.


  8. I have a new movie I’m totally obsessesed with – Qismat 2. I haven’t seen Qismat, because I know it has tragic ending and I’m not sure I can handle it. Yesterday I discovered there will be Qismat 2 soon, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I wonder how the story will be if the first movie ended with a death of the one of the leads. In the sequel we have the same actors and they play characters with the same names as in the first movie. Are they reincarnations? Or it’s alternative universe? I want to know.

    Then there is this beautiful and heartbreaking song, 100% my style. Sargun Mehta is terrific in the song and I really don’t understand why bollywood producers don’t fight to have her in their films.


    • Wait, I’m so confused, this is a Punjabi Qismet? There’s too many movies named Qismet! Including the American one!

      And are we sure it is an actual sequel, and not just a pretend thematic sequel?

      On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 12:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Punjabi Qismat.
        And that’s what I’m wondering – is this a real sequel or a scam. The teaser starts with a scene from the first movie with “We will meet again. In some other place in another birth”. So is it a reincarnation sequel? I like the idea. But why they are first young and in the end he looks much older than her? And what if it’s something like Lamhe? I wouldn’t mind that too. When we had the last big unapologetically sentimental movie?


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