WOO-HOO!!!! The Hotstar library is on Hulu! In a really weird hidden sort of way, but I shall show you how to do it!

Hotstar was the Indian streaming service, by far the most popular service in India. What drove it’s popularity was IPL Cricket matches and TV soaps. But, as a side line, it also had this massive film library of movies that Star TV had bought for their network. A few years back, Disney India merged with Hotstar and it because “Disney Plus Hotstar”. In India, it was one subscription, you could watch Cricket, soaps, and also the Hindi dubbed version of Disney movies.

Hotstar US was always kind of weird. It was Cricket and TV soaps, but not the big Disney releases, because those were on the US version of Disney Plus. It was also weird in terms of subscriptions, the levels kept changing, and it was hard to search for movies, and just generally not as good as it could be. Although still the best Indian movie streaming service available in the US

Anyway, the Gods of Disney have figured out a new better way to do things. All the Cricket stuff is available screaming through ESPN now. All the TV soaps are available through Hulu (the American website for TV content). And the movies, the thing we at DCIB care about, are sort of bundled in with everything else.

Here’s how it works. Go to this link and select the Disney Bundle option, either without ads at $19.99 a month or with ads at $13.99:

Once you sign up for the bundle, you won’t notice anything different in particular, but if you search on Hulu for a Hindi movie, it will pop up as available. For instance, Raid, one of my favorite movies:

If you already have Disney Plus (as I do), it’s a slightly different process. Login to your Disney Plus account on your computer and click on your name in the upper right to get a dropdown menu:

Click on “Account” in that dropdown to get to this page:

Under “Subscriptions”, click the little right arrow to add “The Disney Bundle”. It will tie right back to Hulu, you don’t have to do anything once you add it, just go back to Hulu and login and you will have Indian content.

And ENJOY!!!!! There are some really weird obscure movies on Hotstar, but also some big blockbusters that I am excited for all y’all to be able to watch!


  1. Aaaah! This is exciting! We’ve avoided getting the Disney bundle, not even to watch Handmaid’s Tale, but this makes it soooo worth it. Thanks for letting us know!

    (Also–Hi! Been a long time since I commented, but I read along with your moving adventures, etc. Hugs to you and scritches for Albie)


      • You’re welcome. These 2 anonymi were me but you can probably see that. 🙂

        I’m so excited to be able to access Hotstar stuff through the Disney bundle, but kind of grouchy about their irregular provision of subtitles. I was excited to watch Annabelle Sethupathi this weekend–an old school, silly family-oriented spooky comedy shot during lockdown in a gorgeous hotel/former palace in Jaipur. It has a great ensemble cast, including Taapsee Pannu and my side man (from SRK), VJS. But there are no subtitles that I can find/turn on. *sad face*

        Anyway–thanks for letting us know about this. Have a good weekend!


  2. Just one problem. The full library of shows are not available on Hulu(Hotstar Hub). Also, the wonderful thing about Hotstar is that they do have English subtitle to Tamil, Hindi, etc.
    Hulu does not.


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