Grumpy Post About My Least Favorite Part of Indian Film-SUBTITLES!!!!

I don’t usually let myself complain, but it’s pouring rain, my summer schedule is looking like the things I want to do won’t be possible because of other stuff that is happening that I am less excited about, and I have a big irritating expense that appeared suddenly out of nowhere. Also I just got an email asking me to sub in for Sunday school this week and I REALLY REALLY don’t want to. So I am going to complain about a thing that I think we all have strong feelings about-SUBTITLES!

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Saturday Small Talk: Spend Saturday Talking About Little Things

Happy Saturday!  I am off taking a pier out of a lake in 50 degree weather after only a few hours of sleep because I had to stay up late and write my Sui Dhaaga reviews.  Good times!

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How I Spent my Morning, Followed By Important Streaming News!

Have you noticed I’ve been doing slightly more of those “this is my life in song form” posts?  It’s partly because my fall is getting busier and busier and there are some days when all I have time to do is tell you all what I have been doing instead of blogging.  And partly because I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now and I feel like you are all my friends, so why not tell you about my life?  Anyway, if you are bored by these posts, just skip to the end for the streaming news you should know.

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