Thought Post: Movies Releasing OTT, Why I Think Prime and Netflix Are in Over Their Heads

Well, this was inevitable. Inevitable since long time back, when the Indian government failed to provide the support needed to keep single screen theaters going. Theatrical releases of Indian films have been dying since satellite TV and multiplexes arrived back in the early 2000s. The switch to streaming was coming, unless massive government support stepped up to stop it (which was never going to happen). But I also don’t think the idea of a theatrical release will ever fully disappear.

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Important Streaming Sites Addition, There is a Wonderful Group that is Preserving and Presenting These Films, IndianCine.Ma

I always forget about this site, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter. I mean, they aren’t looking to get famous or reach people, they just want to archive the best possible digital versions of Indian films in order to preserve them. Anyway, I just put up a very angry and depressed post yesterday (well, angry and depressed for me, which is super cheerful and polite for most people), and then I remembered this site and felt better, so I want to make y’all feel better too!

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Hindi Film 101: Streaming Wars and How We Got Here Part 3, HBO to DVD to Netflix to TWoP

Yet another part in my very dull series!  But I can’t seem to stop myself, or even speed up.  So indulge me as I creep forward decade by decade through the history of sequential visual content in America and India.  Just be grateful I didn’t get into the details of movie serials to radio shows to American TV.

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