Saturday Morning WatchAlong: Bang Bang! Woot Woot! 7:30am Chicago Time!

Happy Saturday! Fair warning, I got like 6 hours of sleep last night, so I’m gonna be a bit punchy. Also, I may be watching this movie without subs. It’s gonna be a FUN watchalong!

Bang Bang! It’s on Hulu, and also einthusan, and also it’s EXCELLENT. Super fun, super dumb, super happy.

At 7:30am Chicago time I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will all follow along from there!


446 thoughts on “Saturday Morning WatchAlong: Bang Bang! Woot Woot! 7:30am Chicago Time!

  1. Kat falling in his arms as he shoots over her is so MOVIE. This whole film is so movie, embrace the unreality, the overly perfect hero, the gorgeous unattached heroine, the gun shots that almost never hit their targets….

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  2. By the way, my cousin woke up and joined me about half an hour ago. And I can confirm, you can watch and understand this movie fully without subs,a nd without having seen it before.

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      • The lake my family goes to is a very serious water skiing lake, the local team had been National Champions a whole bunch of times. And I can confirm, YOU CAN’T WATERSKI IN SNEAKERS!!!!

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