Friday WatchAlong: Ajnabee! For Kareena! And 2000s Stupidity!

I am excited! I haven’t watched a good old classic early 2000s movie in ages, and even longer since I watched one I hadn’t seen before. I am ready to be entertained and surprised!

Ajnabee! It’s available for rent on Prime, and on einthusan. At 3pm Chicago time I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we can all watch along from there. Enjoy the neon! The cargo pants! Bobby curls!

393 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Ajnabee! For Kareena! And 2000s Stupidity!

  1. Akshay is an actor hired by Bips to pretend to be a murderer husband, but actually this is all her plan to frame Bobby who previously murdered her sister while drunk.

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  2. Thank you all! I hit play after Kainaat’s comment. Also, I’m not sure if I should be ashamed or proud that I am the only one who paid 99 cents to Prime to watch this legally.

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    • I did it for Fakira. Today, I was already on my computer today and running late, and didn’t want to take the few extra minutes to buy the movie and watch it on my TV


  3. While the boring sad song is happening, do you think I should try to keep going on my impossible puzzle, or is it allowed to stop and put it away and start a small easy one instead? Like, morally?

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    • Akshay is a government agent sent by India to frame Bobby and get him arrested because he is a spy. Akshay will explaine verything to Kareena and they will fall in love.

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  4. Johnny *does* know the other Indian on TV about which this Swiss (?) Australian-accented (?) detective (?) is inquiring, both presumably having been the victims of misplaced song sequences as previously established.


  5. I looked away at the wrong moment, looked back at the wrong moment, and saw Akshay with his arm in the dresser and briefly thought that it had somehow gotten cut off above the elbow in the course of a fistfight. “Sure,” I thought; “this movie would totally do that.”

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