Saturday WatchAlong: White Christmas! Because it is the Corny BEST!!!! 8am Chicago Time

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, White Christmas! I’m gonna be sitting here eating left over mashed potatoes like someone who lives RIGHT.

White Christmas! It’s on Netflix and other places, it’s got an awesome score, and it’s got a fun mixture of campy, comic, and sincere.

Festive Facts About 'White Christmas' Movie | Mental Floss

At 8am Chicago Time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and then we will comment along from there.

And for our ready-to-pop reader Filmikudhi: My sister went into labor while watching a movie long distance over the phone with me! Just saying, long distance watchalongs with Margaret have a proven track record.


201 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: White Christmas! Because it is the Corny BEST!!!! 8am Chicago Time

  1. Ready to go “awwww”? I just looked up Rosemary, she was a singing sensation as a teenager, top career for years, and then in 1968 she was campaigning for her good friend Robert Kennedy and witnessed his assassination which sent her into a spiral of depression and mental illness. That’s not the “Aw” part. The “aw” part is that ten years later when she was finally healthy again, her good friend Bing Crosby gave her a job on one of his shows which started her career back. So ever since this movie, Bing was looking out for little Rosemary! He even wrote the introduction to her autobiography in the 80s.

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  2. More Clooney family stories: if you watcht he first season of ER, both Rosemary and Miguel Ferrer do appearances. Rosemary hadn’t acted in decades, it was for sure a favor for her nephew George. And even Miguel was above TV spots at that point. I think it’s cute, everyone pulling together so poor George could finally have a hit show.

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  3. Danny and Vera Ellen actually did a ton of movies together. I think he was her first co-star in Hollywood? I never remember that watching this film because they are so much part of a ensemble, but they’ve played brother and sister and love interests and all kinds of things before this.

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  4. Okay, so if I am following this, Danny wouldn’t kiss Vera Ellen until they were fake engaged because he is a Gentleman. But after one kiss, now he is in love and everything is fine. That makes logical sense, right?

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