Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Put Up a TREE!!!!!

Happy Saturday! We got through family Thanksgiving, and then second Thanksgiving, and now all I have to do is go get a massage (scheduled a month ago, because I am smart) and then have a friend over to help put up my tree and eat leftover pie. SO MUCH PIE.

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Christmas Movies Made Better: Home Alone with a Desi Female Heroine in a Telugu Family Film, White Christmas in the Hindi Film Industry Post-Independence, Princess Switch Remade Totally Straight

Christmas Movies! YAAAAAAAY! I watch them, I sew, I wrap, I cook, I clean, my December goes by. They are not really made to be watched closely, I think, they are made to be thrown on the TV to stop the kids from screaming, or else to play in the background for company as you complete a thousand and one tasks.

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Silly Sunday: My Favorite Christmas Movies Remade in India! White Christmas, Best Man Holiday, Frozen

Ready for a silly silly indulgent post? But whatever, I have now both wrapped and mailed all my presents (meaning I am better than all y’all!!!!), so I can afford to be indulgent. Oh, and also, even if you don’t read all of these, take the movies as recommendations. Assuming you enjoy emotional love stories with happy endings (mostly) and random song sequences.

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