Solstice Cheer Post! Shashi in Color Outfits!!!!

Yes! It is the gimme post to give Popka a chance to win an Xmas card!!! Or, Shelomit, come to think of it. Yes, it is a competitive post! And a Solstice Cheer Post. What could be brighter than Shashi in 70s clothing?

Shashi! The Best Kapoor! Who was, unfortunately, alive in the 1970s and 80s. An era in which I believe all men’s fashion was TERRIBLE. Like some sort of druggie nightmare. But Shashi is the Best Kapoor, and also very handsome. Can he pull it off?

Belt, Scarf, Orange Large Lapels Shirt

7 on-screen avatars of Shashi Kapoor that prove he was a fashion icon of  his era

Striped Shirt, red overshirt, fake Indian made jeans!

The Late Shashi Kapoor's Favourite Women - Masala

Paisley on Paisley, plus a handkerchief, plus buttons!

Imprints and Images of Indian Film Music - RIP: Shashi Kapoor Veteran  Indian film industry stalwart Shashi Kapoor, who entertained us for  decades, breathed his last in Mumbai today. A charismatic actor,

Stripey Sweater, slouch hat, big smile

Legendary actor Shashi Kapoor leaves behind an unmatched legacy Pics |  Legendary actor Shashi Kapoor leaves behind an unmatched legacy Photos |  Legendary actor Shashi Kapoor leaves behind an unmatched legacy Portfolio

Big Polka dot on top of little polka dot

Shashi Kapoor: Shashi Kapoor was more than just an actor, he was a  filmmaker with undeniable class - The Economic Times

Simple, straight forward, red white and blue plaid sports jacket!

Shashi was rock solid during crisis, says Shabana Azmi

Hat, vest, striped tunic shirt, and of course an paddle as a kicky accessory!

Thank you for that smile, Shashi Kapoor - movies

Hat! And stitching that looks like the tailor forgot to finish his jacket

Shashi Kapoor's contribution to Indian theatre was huge, says Aamir Khan

Bow Tie!

Imprints and Images of Indian Film Music - Shashi Kapoor dominated during  the 70s and 80s as the leading man, romancing some of Bollywood's most  loved heroines on screen. Ever the charmer,

This is a lot

YRF - Yash Raj Films - Remembering the legendary actor #ShashiKapoor on his  birth anniversary. | Facebook

High waist tight fitting slacks cut down to shorts without a top? DON’T LIKE IT!

Vintage Bollywood on Twitter: "#ShashiKapoor #ZeenatAman  #BollywoodFlashback #70s #rare #muvyz #muvyz072619"  / Twitter

Paisley under plaid. It’s a bold look

happy birthday Shashi Kapoor

Leather jacket over large lapel red shirt with a paisley scarf on top. Seems like it would be too hot for India?

Shashi Week: groovy, funkadelic, and superfly

The clothes are normal but the coffee cup DELIGHTS me!!!

7 on-screen avatars of Shashi Kapoor that prove he was a fashion icon of  his era

This poster image, it’s a whole look

Fakira (1976) - IMDb

Now, with my low tolerance, I think my favorite is the tiny coffee cup photo. That is as much 1970s as I can handle. CONVINCE ME I AM WRONG!


25 thoughts on “Solstice Cheer Post! Shashi in Color Outfits!!!!

  1. Excuse you, the 70s were the best era for men’s clothes.

    Let me first give you the parade of hate: most of all I HATE that idiotic pancake hat (no. 8) in I forget which movie. I think it’s a double role and you can tell which is which because one of them wears that hat. I spent the whole movie wanting to burn that hat.

    Also not a huge fan of the polka dot tie but again HATE that weird scarf hat from Aa Gale Lag Jaa. That whole outfit is the pits.

    HOWEVER, love the Hot Stuff button, love paisley under plaid, love any time he wears a gay little scarf. Also, tiny coffee cup.

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  2. Preliminary disclaimer: I am a Grinch who requires no Christmas cards–but can be tempted out from under my bridge by such choice enticements as a well-bedecked Shashi.

    You and I must be looking at ’70s fashion through different eyes indeed! As a kid, I remember reading an essay out of a turn-of-the-twentieth-century textbook that my grandmother had. It was included ts a model of humor writing and was narrated from the perspective of a necktie. The necktie boasted about its vital place in the world as the only snatch of pattern and color that could with propriety be added to a man’s ensemble. (I want to say the book was from 1906–definitely from some era when men with desk jobs wore sack suits in slightly varying grayscale all day, every day.) The necktie was, of course, a ~fancy~ necktie, and its deepest sympathies for all the various articles of clothing out there were reserved for neckties that happened to be plain. Why have this glorious opportunity for joy and expression, then throw it all away for the sake of being a “tasteful” navy blue?

    Anyway, if *I* were reborn as a necktie, I would definitely want to be a ’70s necktie. When reimagining recent history from the points of view of various articles of menswear, I don’t think any era gets weirder or wilder or funner (particularly if that menswear is made of cotton print!). I have serious objections only to two of the costumes above: the one ensemble from “Kaala Paathar” (those dark blues mismatch so slightly that it doesn’t come off as a deliberate Choice) and the “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” one (barely even clothing). Favorites from these selections include that amazing orange shirt from “Phaansi,” polka-dot-on-polka-dot (don’t recognize it), and the clashy patterns from “Doosara Aadmi”–with minor demerits in the last instance because he’s letting ALL THE COLD AIR out of Raakhee’s fridge! Drives me batty every time.

    Assorted classic Shashi lewwwks not represented here: the infamous airport costume in “Trishul,” ft. granny glasses and a shirt unbuttoned alllll the way to the navel; winter ensemble with “COOL IT” knit hat from unscheduled winter biathalon with Bob Christo in “Namak Halaal”; white bellbottom suit/giant orange polka-dot tie combo in “Aur Nahin, Bas, Aur Nahin” from “Roti, Kapada, aur Makaan”; pretty much every non-disguise outfit in “Chori Mera Kaam,” since they consist of superfly button-ups whose collars have been tastefully popped to allow us to admire the tiny lil amulet on his choker; and the undercover outfit with the white vest from when he first meets Parveen in “Suhaag”. We know they’re destined for each other because they’re both wearing purple, even if those purples are the most diametrically opposed purples on the entire color wheel.

    While on the topic of Kapoors Who Make Us Happy, a word of gratitude ought to be extended to our girl Jennifer for making so many of these eyepopping styles possible ( ; She had all of our backs.


  3. Ouch! They are really painful.
    The best ( most painful) for me is the Remembering Shashi Kapoor shot. Denim over plaid, a cheeky cap and big loud flowery scarf don’t seem very practical for roaring around on a motorbike.


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