2021 Awards: Strongest Woman Onscreen! Vidya in Sherni, Lisa Ray in 99 Songs, Sara in Atrangi Re, Kriti in Mimi, Kajol in Tribhanga?

You can do write ins on this one! There are female characters on our Official List who I am not suggesting. So if you wanna pick, say, Sai Pallavi in Love Story, go for it! And try to convince everyone else to agree with you by presenting arguments!

Vidya Balan in Sherni

Calm, confident, knowledgeable, and in charge of her personal relationship too.

Vidya Balan reveals who is the sherni in her life | Entertainment News,The  Indian Express

Lisa Ray in 99 Songs

Sexy, adult, mature, in control, and top of her game.

Kartik is Covid negative, returns to work - Rediff.com movies

Sara in Atrangi Re

Young, but tough! That intro with her throwing bottles? That was good, right?

Sara Ali Khan shares motion poster of Atrangi Re; Introduces Akshay Kumar,  Dhanush's characters | PINKVILLA

Kriti in Mimi

I mean, she was a single mother in a village in India! Also, hey! There’s the nice small town/village story, like we were just talking about.

Mimi Trailer: Kriti Sanon's Story Is The Mother Of "Unexpected Journey."  Bonus - Pankaj Tripathi

Kajol in Tribhanga

It’s not THAT good of a movie really, kind of medium. But Kajol was this cool celebrity person and a dancer and things.

Tribhanga: Renuka Shahane on motherhood and working with Kajol in Netflix  film

9 thoughts on “2021 Awards: Strongest Woman Onscreen! Vidya in Sherni, Lisa Ray in 99 Songs, Sara in Atrangi Re, Kriti in Mimi, Kajol in Tribhanga?

  1. Argh! I’m torn between Vidya and Sara. Vidya is tough and endures even with the bureaucratic red tape and politics that get in her way. While Sara has a ton of spirit, has endured mental abuse for years, yet has found a way to cope. Not to mention she is UNAFRAID to flirt openly with Vishu Babu even at his engagement and is the one in control of the relationship almost from the go, with him happily obliging.

    Ok, I’m just going with Sara. It’s the mental toll and surviving that by coping that makes her stronger. Also, her introduction is AMAZING. When was the last time a heroine had such a forceful-angry entrance into the film like that?


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  3. I think those 2 heroines deserve a mention:

    Krithi Shetty as Sangeetha in Uppena. The only daughter of a rich , violent father, falls in love with a poor low-caste boy. She decides to have sex with him and to elope. In the end she is the one who decides the ending of her story.

    Anandhi as Sridevi in Sridevi Soda Center. Similar character to Sangeetha but in worse movie. She was the best part of the film SPOILERS!

    Her father and other men were trying everything to make her change her mind. She was firm and sure she is doing the right thing. The men had to kill her to “win”. That’s how strong she was.



  4. asically, I like the women’s portray of all the five movies…however havin to pic the strongest woman character, I would choose Kriti (mainly because of the choices she made which demand a lot of strength). The other women’s roles are strong regarding the place they have in or because of the plot, I feel. Kriti’s Mimi is – imo – the one whose character has to do the toughest choices.


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