2021 Awards: Strongest Woman Onscreen! Vidya in Sherni, Lisa Ray in 99 Songs, Sara in Atrangi Re, Kriti in Mimi, Kajol in Tribhanga?

You can do write ins on this one! There are female characters on our Official List who I am not suggesting. So if you wanna pick, say, Sai Pallavi in Love Story, go for it! And try to convince everyone else to agree with you by presenting arguments!

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2021 Awards: Which Southern CrossOver Hit Element Do We Must Miss in Hindi? Pushpa and Stardom, Love Story and Romance, or Minnal Murali and Family Stories?

Let’s say that Hindi films are all horrible, and the crossover hits from the southern industries are hits because they are bringing in things we are missing. And let’s say I am correct in the elements I picked out for these three. Which of these elements/movies brought something you have most been missing?

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2021 Awards: Movie List! In DCIB World, These Are Our Choices

OTT releases, movies in theaters only some of us saw, it’s all confusing. I’m gonna try to limit it down to the movies that mattered to DCIB world. Let me know if there is something I am missing from the list that you think should be included. I’m looking for movies that a fair number of DCIB people have seen so we can judge them. Oh, and tell me if there is something I should remove because no one really watched it.

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