Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on National Meatball Day?

Happy Wednesday! My sister just sent me an add from her local restaurant, it’s National Meatball Day! How exciting.

I’ll start!

Reading: If we include podcasts, I just finished one that confirmed my feeling that literally ANY combination of factors has been a cult at some point. In this case, a Catholic cult which ripped off little old ladies who believed they were becoming nuns in order to buy…..expensive Llamas. Llamas!!!! Oh, and local interest, this whole thing happened within a few miles of where I grew up. And I had no idea! You’d think at the very least I would have noticed all the Llamas.

Watching: Tonight I have Friend Movie Night, and I am going to FORCE them to watch the Chippendales “Film”. Because it’s fun and short and then we can all Zoom talk to each other about how dumb it is. Oh, also, The Upstairs People and I have been watching HouseHunters. Am I the only person who gets unordinately enraged at people on that show? BUY THE VICTORIAN FIXER UPPER! It’s so much better than the boring new build at the higher price!!!

Thinking: The Upstairs People are going on vacation and leaving me alone for 5 days. I have cleverly planned social events for each day, starting with co-working tomorrow at a friends’ house, then Radhe Shyam Friday night with another friend, then a de-stress massage on Saturday, then a doggie playdate on Sunday. This whole housemate thing has gotten me used to seeing Humans every day! It’s crazy.

Listening: No particular reason, this is going through my head:

Now, question for you! Bridgerton Season 2 trailer just dropped, who among us is interested in watching it (not me, not that I object, I’m just not in the mood for it)?

(also, thank you Kirre, you are once again Best Correspondent)


26 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on National Meatball Day?

  1. Thank you, Margaret! Glad to be of service! 😀

    I am personally interested in seeing Bridgerton season 2. Seems much more interesting than season 1, which I stopped about mid-way, but still knew what went on thanks to everyone talking about it. I like that there is a haldi scene and the chemistry between the pair this season is just OFF THE ROOF!

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    • I’m thinking I might fastforward through this season just to get a sense of how desi it is, because it is a really interesting premise.

      On Wed, Mar 9, 2022 at 11:09 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • As someone who loved season 1, and has been waiting for this season, of course I’m going to watch! Having part-Indian characters is certainly going to be interesting, and I’m looking forward to the soundtrack.

      The haldi ceremony is supposed to be on the day of the wedding, and it’s being applied to the younger sister. I don’t remember the book exactly, but I’m pretty sure Kate and Anthony had decided to marry before that. Looks like this is cutting it close!

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  2. I watched Katha Sangam which was a Kannada short film series and it was ok. There were only like 3 stories that I really liked and those were more of the simpler ones rather than the really harsh ones. If it’s available on your Amazon I would recommend watching the last one if nothing else.

    Otherwise I’ve just been stressed as usual. Having a boring life and having lots of work.


  3. Ahhh, I’m so excited for the new Bridgerton season. I wasn’t a fan of the first book but I thought the series was wonderful. I love everything from the costumes to the cast (I am vain and the hero was HOT), and the new characters that Shonda added. Kate is already one of my favorite heroines from the books. I love that she will be Indian! And I think Shonda will do what she did with the first season, which is make it similarish to the books but add enough of that Shondaland flair and new characters that makes it a more rich experience to watch on screen.

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    • Oh! But you have a CHILD now!!! You are going to have to cover his eyes/ears so much.

      On Wed, Mar 9, 2022 at 12:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I watched the new West Side Story and loved it! I tried the old movie once but made it only to the ball scene. This version, in my opinion is so much better, just for the fact that there are real Latinos in it and not some strange white guys with brown make-up. I didn’t like the girl who plays Maria. I’m not sure why. But I loved Anita, Riff and Bernando.

    I also watched Enough Said. I never thought I would said that but isn’t James Gandolfini super sexy?
    It’s funny that I had to watch American movies to find what I usually had in Indian film – great music, dances and cute romances.


    • I forgot to add that “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair” is stupid and I don’t recommend it. The first 5 episodes are very boring and nothing happens. And then there is one twist after another, some of them absolutely ridiculous (I’m an Abbas-Mustan fan and even I found it ott). If it wasn’t enough there are also some cliffhangers thrown without any sense, an enormous plot hole and Veer-Zaara level of bad old make-up.


  5. Seeing “Jhund” tomorrow. Three different Telugu movies in the theater here at the moment. . . “The Kashmir Files” is opening this weekend and I’m trying unsuccessfully to gauge how gross it might be based on the previews. Seems too much to ask of a sensitive film on that particular topic : P


    • Oh wow, I love this newlywed version of BTS gossip. And excited they’re filming in Mallorca! That will be beautiful plus it means big scale songs are back.


      • Yes! I’m excited that Vaibhavi is choreographing, I want a proper song and dance! Bless Ranveer, since we aren’t getting anything from the actual players! I only hope YRF doesn’t put a gag order on him!


  6. I watched a Christopher Lee movie so obscure there wasn’t a single tumblr post about it, which is a new high (or low?). I’m nearing the end of the available movies which makes me really sad. Rewatching is fun but not the same. I loved my time with him.

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  7. In addition to Fame Game I also WATCHED ATRANGI RE ALREADY, OK? It started rather slowly for me but but I liked it around the interval and continued to like it. SPOILERS, KIND OF: why does the psychologist say that it’s her father and the little girl is her and then later there’s a big reveal that he’s her father and the little girl is her. That made very little sense to me. Anyway, this is in the Hindi microgenre of movies in which “mental illness”–sometimes cartoonishly depicted–stands in for deep emotion, as in Khamoshi or Karthik Calling Karthik, and maybe some others I don’t know. I do like that microgenre.

    Also so excited for Jalsa! and Pathaan! and there’s something coming out with Vikrant and Sanya which would ordinarily be ideal for me but it’s supposed to be very very noir and I’m not sure I can deal, now or ever.


    • Oh yes, Love Hostel. I was so excited when I first heard about the cast: Bobby, Vikrant and Sanya. I couldn’t wait. But then the posters came out and I was shocked. The reviews say the movie is even worst the the posters and it’s not only noir but gore and very violent (someone even called it a blood bath)


  8. I found this news and I’m so excited, because I love Ammy Virk (and I also think he wouldn’t waste his time with a bad script), and there is also Tripti and Vicky and it will be a rom-com. Can’t wait!

    This Shanaya’s debut also has my attention. It’s supposed to be a love triangle, it’s Dharma, and one of the guys was in “Friends in law” (I also like his sister Mehreen), So far so good.

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  9. Now JACKIE SHROFF and JOHNNY LEVER are part of The Fame Game dance promotions!!


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