Jugjugg Jeeyo Trailer! I Finally Got Around to Watching It! It Will Either Be Awesome or Terrible

First, I have to share that I couldn’t remember the title. So I had to search youtube by “Anil Kapoor Trailer”. Because in my head, it is an Anil movie! Everyone else is just filler.

Here is my concern. The initial set-up of parents and child both hiding that they want to end their marriages for the sake of saving face at a Big Punjabi Wedding, that is delightfully radical and cynical. But what if it turns into some sappy “marriage is forever” ending that doesn’t really resolve anything?

On the pro side: Anil Kapoor is always loveable, and it sounds like Varun and Kiara are on the same page of having a mature decision to want a divorce, in a mature healthy way. Also, the whole “happy family” hiding misery is a super kick.

On the con side: I don’t know if I like Neetu as this saint who doesn’t know what is happening. And most of all, “director of Good Newzzzzz”. Good Newzzz was everything promising and then turning out to be regressive and yucky in the end.

And of course biggest Con, that extra “g” in the title. “Jugjuggggggggggggggggg Jeeyo”, makes me nervous.


10 thoughts on “Jugjugg Jeeyo Trailer! I Finally Got Around to Watching It! It Will Either Be Awesome or Terrible

  1. Sorry for being the party pooper, because I know many liked the trailer and can’t wait for the movie, but I didn’t like it at all. Yes, there will be cheerful music and a lot of beautiful clothes, but the plot looks bad. Two people are divorcing, that’s ok, but why I should laugh and cheer for Anil who cheats on his wife, with a younger girl? He is shown as a lovable and funny person we should like but I already hate him.


    • YES! I am very worried because it was the same issue in Good Newzzzzz. Akshay was supposed to be the sympathetic protagonist, but he was a horrible horrible person. Neetu seems very sweet and kind, why does Anil get a pass for wanting to divorce her just because he is “bored”? Even if (as I suspect will be the case) the “girlfriend” turns out to just be a fantasy crush and not a real relationship, that’s still a yucky thing to do to your nice wife.

      Also, just as a film, I think it would have been a lot more interesting if they flipped the genders between generations. Either the daughter and father both want a divorce, or mother and son. Father-son just feels like the same thing twice over.

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      • Oh, yes, flipping the genders would be good. And I suspect that Neetu also has some secrets.

        The other reason why I didn’t like the trailer is maybe because I saw people comparing it with Love Punjab. I watched Love Punjab trailer first and then JuggggJugg and the latter is definitely worse. Love Punjab is also about NRI couple on the edge of divorce, but they travel to India not for a wedding but because their son has been bullied in school for being Indian, and now is depressed, so they want him to know his roots and feel good about it. The funny part is that none of the adults believes in India’s supremacy and they are all like: If India were good we wouldn’t be all here in Canada.


  2. I’m interested because it all depends on the reasons that the individuals have for / against a divorce and what – in the first place – made them marry…


    • Yes! I feel like the Kiara-Varun divorce could be a really interesting relationship to explore, they seem to have been very happy at their wedding and now are united in wanting a divorce. The Anil divorce, on the other hand, I have no sympathy for. Doesn’t seem like he did any work to communicate his needs to his partner.

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  3. My initial prediction was that Varun and Kiara would stay together but Anil and Neetu would call it quits, but then the first song, The Punjabaan Song, came out, and I think they’ll stay together too. So maybe nothing progressive, but I hope it’s good cuz Varun deserves a good movie after having back to back duds since like 2018.


    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Oh man, now I am thinking of seeing it. That never even occurred to me as part of my weekend plans, and I’ve got a million things to do before I leave town. But on the other hand, seeing a movie in a theater is such a luxury.

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