Friday Classic (on Saturday): Kabhi Kabhi, All Love is True Love

I got sick, so things got a bit backed up and I had to move a few things around.  And therefore, Friday classics on Saturday!

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Silly Sunday: The Christmas Story, in a Hindi Movie Trilogy

I’m excited about this!  In spitballing back and forth in the comments on last week’s post (which was more about Christmas as a festival of lights and social experience and sexy holiday romance), it was suggested that I should just do the whole story.  And I think I can!  If I break it into 3 bits.

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Hindi Films 101: Kapoors Part IV, Rishi and Neetu

2 weeks into my new series, and I am getting decent views and comments.  Yay!  I will tentatively continue.  In case you are new to this, the idea is that if you didn’t grow up surrounded by Hindi film, it can be hard to learn all the things that small children in India just know by osmosis.  And so I am giving you a little “101” course on the things you need to learn.  Kind of a follow up on the basic grounding I gave in my book. (part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here)  Starting with the Kapoors, because where else?

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