Sunday WatchAlong: Hameshaa! For Kajol! 7am Chicago Time Start!

Woot! WatchAlong! I am slowly getting my life back! My weird pandemic isolation movie based life! Whatever, still better than being a milk and cheezit machine for a small child like I was last week.

Hameshaa! It’s available for rent on Prime for a small amount, it’s a classic 90s movie with crazy plot, big skirts and big hair, and super fun songs.

At 7am Central time, I will put an “And PLAY” comment on this post and we will comment along from there!


337 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Hameshaa! For Kajol! 7am Chicago Time Start!

  1. Ha! Explicitly saying “marriage will magically fix everything and make you fall in love”. Instead of just making in implicit.


  2. I love that Kajol rejects Aditya before falling in love with Saif again. She rejects Aditya because he’s a jerk. Not because of Saif. I really like the sequence of events.

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  3. Whenever I see these scenes set in sari shops, I freak out a little at the thought of how much these guys must have to fold and refold to get the stacks all so neat. And people always ask to see so many different ones.

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    • It’s the jewelry stores that bother me, it would be so easy to steal when you have those huge piles of boxes, instead of looking at each one by one.


  4. Boooooooooooooo, Saif! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Even if you don’t believe in the reincarnation, at least help the poor girl trying to run away from her wedding!

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  5. I was gonna say “won’t people notice the big sheet ladder?” But then I realized all the servants probably hate Aditya and will look the other way.

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