Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Recover from a Rahman Concert?

Happy Monday! The Rahman concert on Saturday was so so good, and also so so tiring so I am still recovering. Shouting along to “Chaiyya Chaiyya” with a thousand other people really takes it out of you, you know?

Here is where you get to ask me everything from “did Rahman play his new stuff?” to “who is AR Rahman anyway and why should I care?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! On a scale of 1 to 10, how lesbian is this ad? I vote, somewhere around 2. Not 0 (the sharing a chair, for instance), but really not that much.

Thank you Kirre for alerting me to it! You are the BEST!

32 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Recover from a Rahman Concert?

  1. Happy Monday! I am having a headache and feel like I’m passing out. However, it’s fine. My cousins also went to the Rahman concert, which I learned about today so that you might’ve seen them. Everyone said it was amazing but where I live the only concerts that come are when I’m out of town. Questions for you: What’s the best movie that Rahman has composed for, not the best soundtrack?

    Also agree with you on that ad. It’s not that lesbian and I don’t really believe Janhvi+Sara are real friends in the slightest. I think they’re planning to do Dostana 2 with them which is why they’re promoting them so much.

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  2. What songs did Rahman play? Also, are you considering watching the latest Koffee With Karan?

    Reasons why you should be down below in the links. There was a Sonam and Arjun episode and also Sara and Janhvi one, the last slide on the last link says one of them did consider dating the other. Also, Twitter (well, my Bolly side of it) is calling for a Dostana 2 with them together just because of this ad.


  3. I know you don’t follow twitter much so maybe you haven’t heard but seems people started hating Ranbir all of sudden. Few days ago, in one of those odd, low-cost promotional interviews for Brahamastra (btw I think they don’t have even 1 rupee left because the promotions are so cheap) Ranbir (jokingly) said Alia gained weight. People hated it and started posting old interviews with him talking crap and treating his girlfriends and female co-starts badly. It’s about time people see how toxic this guy is.

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      • I’m happy that people now see and talk about his behaviour, but watching those old clips is painful. Katrina is so beautiful and professional in those interviews, while he behaves like bored child and has always something unpleasant to say. I’m asking: Why she tolerated him for so long !? How it’s possible that such a beautiful and intelligent woman allowed him to treat her that way? And in public, so what was happening at home?

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    • I’m happy people are noticing his weird comments which I’ve been noticing for years. I think people were even more irritated at his comment, as 1. Alia is pregnant and 2. She has spoken about struggling to have healthy methods of eating. So his comment was triggering and also plain rude. Even in the Jagga Jasoos promotion, he gave Katrina a comment about how she never underacts as she never acts herself. I am not saying Katrina is Meryl Streep but that is a rude comment to say to someone to their face. I’m so happy both Deepika and Katrina moved on and found better men who adore them rather than this toxic mama’s boy.

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      • I haven’t paid much attention to his interviews, but his film choices and the way he talks about his manboy characters was enough for me to think that this is a dude with messed up gender ideas.


      • It blows my mind that he would say this to the mother of his own child, and I think that is what’s making this completely unforgivable. Of course, saying it to anyone would be extremely rude, but adding this on top of everything else you mentioned is vile.


  4. I’d say the ad is a little more lesbian than that. Super disappointed they were promoting doing a project together when it was just that ad. Kainaat mentioned the cheek pinch, which really took me by surprise, and blew up Twitter. Wouldn’t have been that bad if Janhvi hadn’t fallen back in the chair and Sara hovered over her while doing it.

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    • I watched the original Vikram Vedha for Maddy who played Vikram, but this version I would watch only for Vedha. Hrithik is terrific. I’m not even a fan but I’m all like: I must watch him in this film.
      Poor Saif, I’m sure he is good also but so boring in this teaser compared to Hrithik.

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  5. Do you still follow box-office news? Was Jug Jug Jeeyo a hit? Because I was sure it was a success, it was in cinemas for 5 weeks , if I’m not wrong, and it’s a lot these days, but I read somewhere that it was a flop. How it’s possible?


    • I don’t follow box office news, but at this point I don’t know if anyone can tell a hit from a flop. With the pandemic, all the goalposts for theatrical success have been moved.


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