Saturday WatchAlong: Dangerous Ishq! 8am Chicago Time!

Woot! A big silly Karisma Kapoor movie! It’s been so long. I hope y’all are looking forward to this as much as I am.

Dangerous Ishq is on Prime for rent, and also other places. Up to you where you find it!

In a few minutes, at 8am, I will put up an “and PLAY!” comment and we will go along from there!

140 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Dangerous Ishq! 8am Chicago Time!

    • Even after watching the whole thing, it was still unclear to me what Divya’s relationship to her in the present was (whereas in the different past lives, it was clearer). I guess just somebody who was in the same friend circle with Karisma and Rohan?


    • Yeah, I thought maybe it was lazy set dressing, but then I realized that she was probably meant to have cleared stuff out for the Paris trip–? Although it makes more sense to empty the pantry than the rest of the house, especially since it’s a pain to move furniture that far.


  1. Meanwhile, Albie Dog keeps distracting me. He’s cold, so I tuck him into his blankie, and then he shakes himself free to look out the window, and then bothers me until I tuck him in again. MAKE UP YUOR MIND DOG!


  2. Ooooo! And in the present as soon as she came back to him and asked him to marry her without waiting, he died. PATTERNS! Maybe they should just live in and never get married?

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  3. Lily P, you haven’t missed anything, we still don’t know what her relationship is like with her boyfriends family. His brother seems cool with her, but his parents are odd.

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    • In the present, Supermodel Karisma’s boyfriend was kidnapped and she was hit on the head. She started having visions, and was hypnotized to see her past during partition when a friend killed her boyfriend. She described the past killer’s face to Cop Jimmy Shergill and now they are looking for him


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