Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Hang Out With a Small Child!

Happy Saturday! I was all set to spend the day doing a puzzle, and then my friend invited me over to hang out with her and her daughter and watch Christmas movies (so the daughter doesn’t notice her Dad is putting together a nursery for her impending little sister).

Things to talk about!

First, obviously, the perfection that is Shahrukh Khan as shown in his witty, original, and thought provoking KIFF appearance.

Next, it’s John Abraham’s birthday! What are our John feelings?

And third, last weekend before Christmas! Does everyone feel ready? I have one present I am pretty sure will not arrive on time, but otherwise I think I am okay.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Hang Out With a Small Child!

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  2. John gave us so much in all those years: sexy scenes in Jism, Paap, Madhoshi, Dostana. The wtf scenes in Ek Villain 2. He produced this super hilarious marathi movie about horny possessed woman (this one gave me so much joy) and the new movie with Harshwardhan Rane. So many reasons to love him.
    BTW Ek Villain 2 watchalong when?


  3. I’m not a John Abraham fan. When he was younger he was undeniably hot, but as an actor he always seemed kinda wooden. Now he is older and despite being ripped, I don’t think he is still hot, but he is still wooden.


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