Happy Pi Day!!!! Favorite Pie of Each SRK Character!

Desserts and SRK! What could be better? And pie seems like something everyone will pick different, so let’s consider which character would most like which flavors.


I feel like blueberry? Something simple and wholesome. But he pretends to like vodka infused banana garlic or something super fancy


Apple. Obviously.

Kabir Khan

Fat free sugar free sweet potato with sunflower topping

Rahul K3G

Chocolate cream, he enjoys life.


Hot chocolate with the chilis in it


Strawberry cream. Don’t know why.



9 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!!!! Favorite Pie of Each SRK Character!

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  3. I could definitely see Harry loving something that’s both tart and sweet, so berry pies are a great option!

    I can see Suri from RNBDJ liking lemon meringue pie maybe? After all, yellow is his favourite colour

    That’s def a pie I wouldn’t give Riwzan since he’s hypersensitive to the colour. Something with a softer colour, maybe a light pink. I think Jug and Rizwan can share that strawberry cream pie! Or maybe Riwzan’s can be a fetching red, with strawberry fruits and coulis.

    I’m trying to think of which SRK character would like a caramel and pecan pie: I LOVE those! Aman, maybe? Or Om?

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  4. I have never had a strawberry cream pie, or a sweet potato pie. I do think the fat free veggie pie is perfect for Kabir, even if I’ve never tasted it. But I really dislike blueberry pie. LOVE blueberries, but NOT in pie. I do love berry pies without blueberries. Give me raspberries, boisenberries, blackberries and put them in a pie and I am glad. And because I also really like Harry, I would like to also like berry pies.


  5. Suri’s favourite pie the best ever made in the whole world ever would be literally any one that Taani made 💕

    Raees – whiskied pear? Oof now I want some

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