Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Enjoy My Finally Clean House!!!

Happy Monday!!! I had cleaners come in this morning, which was AMAZING. All the grime of the kitchen deconstruction, neatly removed, and my house looks pleasant again. Well, until the next batch of workman come through and mess it up.

Here is where you get to ask me anything from “what did you think of Deepika’s Oscar Gown?” to “Is this the first time an Indian filmmaker has won an Oscar?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of more questions!

Now, question for you! Very important! What did YOU think of Deepika’s Oscar gown???? I think it is super simple and classy and amazing, myself. But you are allowed to disagree. But you would be wrong.

Bonus question, how about Ram Charan and NTR? I saw their outfits and thought “pretty safe and standard” and then realized hours later that it’s a Sherwani which may not seem “safe and standard” to the Western audience.


22 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Enjoy My Finally Clean House!!!

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  2. Huge amount of bad energy on Insta about the way some people (primarily LA dancers/choreographers) felt that having no South Asians dancing in Naatu Naatu was a miss. I’m a glass half full girl so I say that YES it would have been better to center South Asian ‘voices’ there but it’s still a win to have a Tollywood film song nominated and win. I know Kimmel said Bollywood and Hindi and he was wrong and RRR was about colonialism but can’t we even be happy about what went right?

    Deepika looked amazing. I thought she also seemed a little nervous and that was cute.

    I wanted Guneet Monga to NOT get played off – she’s such a talent and I would have liked to hear what she said. On a nice note, a school friend Sven Falcouner wrote the score to The Elephant Whisperers and he’s pretty stoked. But I feel like being a ‘good Indian’ would mean I should be mad that they didn’t hire a South Asian composer?

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    • Falalalala, I don’t read social media, the world is a happy place where everyone counts blessings and sings praises!

      Deepika always seems slightly nervous to me in public appearances, and I always find it cute. Glad that is consistent with her appearance here.

      Counterpoint, as a Humanist you should not see ethnicity. Alternatively, you should appreciate the Art no tht eArtist. Or, most of all, you should be allowed to be happy about things without guilt over how it is “supposed” to be.

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    • Ugh, I’m still in limbo, insurance is being a pill so I’m gonna need a whole bunch documents and things before I can go ahead with my final repair.

      But it’s definitely better!


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    • I find the bracelet on the black gloves really striking, but I can see how they sort of get mixed up with the sleeves. Maybe shorter gloves would be better?


      • I like the bracelet, but there’s something about the glove part AND the novelty sleeves that makes it kind of wacky, which would be fine but I don’t think this is going for that, and I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe bracelets on both gloves? Maybe you’re right and there should be a glove-sleeve gap but I guess the point is the glove-sleeves?


  4. I love Deepika’s dress. I think NTR looks stunning, and I don’t generally find him attractive, but in that outfit he looks good! From western eyes it looks like Ram Charan is wearing a skirt over pants under a jacket, so slightly odd. Of course he doesn’t look bad, it is Ram Charan, but I don’t think stunning.


  5. I wish Deepika had dressed more like the elephant whisperer ladies with some Indian colours and fabrics. Of course she is looking lovely as she is, but to me it is just another look that blends in.


  6. Yah for fresh clean spaces! 🎉
    Saw a tweet saying that Deepika dressed as a filmfare award 😂 And wow yes, I love that idea, perfection. As is she.
    And the boys and whole team look wonderful 👌


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  8. I’m so happy you’re able to have a clean space, even if the whole thing is not over yet. I get so stressed out when my home is in chaos.

    Deepika was a perfect goddess and really showed her personality when she introduced Nattu Nattu. I was less impressed with her afterparty look (when she used the same gloves with a really fluffy, almost cylindrical pink dress–the color was perfect for her but the shape was odd). Also loved how NTR and Ram Charan looked. NTR has a tiger on his shoulder, so not totally standard.


  9. LOVED Deepika’s look. She was really classy, and she gave such Shantipriya vibes when she was waving on the red carpet. Love it and yeah her dress’ silhouette does resemble a Filmfare award

    Also, the trailer for Gaslight, Sara’s film, dropped and it looks so interesting and LOVE that she is once again choosing these interesting characters and not run-of-the-mill or “safe” stories that bring her acting chops forward.


  10. I really loved Deepika’s look. It was very simple but just made Deepika’s beauty shine. Also am totally envious of her gorgoeus neckpiece (which is Cartier and probably way out of my budget but a girl can dream).

    I feel like between Jr NTR and Ram Charan, JR NTR shined more for me. That tiger embroidery is such a great nod to his character in RRR, I love it. While Ram Charan’s look is really not my thing. I feel his look for the golden globes was far far better.

    Which Indian filmmaker do you believe deserves an Oscar? You can say multiple as I feel that the Oscars have ignored so many wonderful directors from India/around the world. Also I don’t know whether you have seen decision to leave by Park Chanwook from south korea.

    However I feel one of the main reasons it didn’t get nominated was just due to the fact that the Oscar commitee felt that the past 2 years korean films have been winning thus they wanted another country to get noticed. Which makes me very sad as decision to leave was my favourite movie of the year and such a gorgeous romance.


    • I don’t really buy into the Oscar thing, as in, it’s such a rigged game that winning doesn’t really mean anything. I would say that a lot of directors deserve international respect in a way they don’t get, and on that list I would put Imtiaz Ali, Aditya Chopra, Maneesh Sharma (Fan was insanely good), and plenty others. Lilo Jose Pellisary too, except he actually HAS started to get international recognition, so that’s good.

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  11. I thought all the looks were great, but I’m gonna rank.

    1) Jr. NTR — the tiger was kind of an obvious choice, but it looked fierce and powerful and HE looked fierce and powerful, and he’s not as attractive to me. Was he wearing kajal too? I loved everything about this.
    2) Deepika — classy old Hollywood elegance. I love her makeup too, very simple but flawless. Would have been nice if she went more ethnic as well, but she still looked great.
    3) Ram Charan — not to say that this is bad, Ram Charan is so handsome, but he didn’t wow me as much as the other two, especially NTR. Whatever detailing he had (which might have been a police badge type thing as a nod to his character) was so subtle I pretty much missed it.


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