Wednesday Watching (one day late): What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to This Week?

Happy Wednesday!!!! On Thursday!!! Clearly, I have been reading and watching and thinking too much, and not doing enough writing.

I’ll start!

Reading: Vanderpump Gossip. I’m sorry, this story is INSANE. I wish someone else here cared about it, but I know you don’t. Oh well, at least I have a few Real Life people who care. Also, it is the BEST distraction from my still-broken floor.

Watching: Well, I saw the Ranbir movie on Friday, that was exciting. And I’m sort of aimlessly working on finishing the X-Files. I mean really, not much. Between work and floor and Life, for once I don’t even have time for ambient viewing. We’ve really got to hire a new person at work, this is exhausting.

Thinking: March is so weird. The past two days it was sunny enough that I was starting to think about what to plant in my yard this year. And today, blech, overcast and cold and snow/rain is coming. This isn’t even Climate Change complaint, this is what March has been like MY ENTIRE LIFE, and I still hate it. Such a bait and switch.

Listening: Oh! Cute nephew story!!! There’s a big snowstorm where he lives, so he’s been running around the house shouting “Junglee KAHE!!!!” because it’s what you shout in the snow.

Now, question for you! In honor of my Vanderpump obsession, what is your favorite totally lightweight and silly gossip scandal of all time? Debbie-Liz-Eddie? Wallis Simpson? Nehru-Mountbatten?


25 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching (one day late): What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to This Week?

  1. Watching: Nothing new, I only rewatched 96. Unfortunately Aha has is only dubbed in telugu, and without Vijay Sethupati’s characteristic voice it’s not the same 😦 It was the first time I didn’t cry during the climax.

    Not Indian stuff – I watched of Gilded Age and I loved it. What a pity there is only one season available so far.

    Thinking: About Shekhar Kapur’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” It’s in Italian cinemas from today. I feel I should like it (it even has Rahat Fateh Ali Khan cameo) but I didn’t like the trailer and I’m a little angry it gets all this publicity while there wasn’t even one poster of Pathaan shown in Italy.


  2. I’m in the middle of unpacking and organizing and ordering furniture etc. My shipment arrived from Australia and I returned the rental furniture today. It’s been an intense week and will go on for a few days. Still searching for the right tv to buy now that the rental tv is gone.

    Watching: I watched this video on “revisiting Dil to pagal hai” from film Companion. So interesting to me that Rahul Desai is about my age and what he describes as the impact of the movie on him was exactly the same on me. How the music still penetrates him deeply and he can keep going back to the movie.

    I know you don’t like Dil To Pagal Hai but maybe if you watch this video you may relate to those of us that do?

    He also talks about how this was the last movie before SRK became a “star” that developed the star ticks and mannerisms. Wondering what you think about that? It somewhat resonates with my feelings although I have never been able to analyze srk performances much, my rational brain switches off.

    He also says – How for him DTPH left a way bigger impact than DDLJ or what followed.

    He draws comparisons between other films and describes how the was a romance universe.

    I found it a very interesting video (clearly!)

    Thinking: which TV to buy and which smoothie blender to buy – that works well, is durable, doesn’t break the bank and hopefully offers delivery

    Gossip – nothing comes to mind at the moment


    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, your own things! I would go crazy if I didn’t have my own things with me.

      Oh man, I don’t know if I can watch that video just because I have such little respect for Rahul Desai! He’s made some really dumb mistakes in his reviews.

      It is an interesting thought about SRK, but I think I disagree with it? There’s a common complaint that SRK used to be an “actor” and then he became a “star”. As someone whose actually watched every movie he made, even the bad ones, that just doesn’t hold up. Sometimes he did a deep performance, sometimes he did a shallow performance, it just depended on the film. There was no one moment when he “changed”. But when he became more successful, more folks were watching him closely and suddenly noticed the pattern that had been there all along.

      I do think SRK does something special in his Chopra movies. When he fully trusts the director, he will throw himself a little more into their vision.

      Dil To Pagal Hai is a good movie! Definitely. I just find it way too slow for my taste, and I don’t like SRK and Madhuri as a couple.

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      • Yes, I feel SRK is someone who always churns out a good performance and performs according to the film’s standards. There was this reddit thread which asked who is the better actor SRK or Aamir? In my mind it was obvious that everyone would choose SRK but I was surprised at how many people choose Aamir. Its not that I dislike Aamir but as an actor he is good but I feel he shines most with the general quality of his films. Thats when I realised, while reading responses that many equate good acting with good films as they can’t separate acting with the film’s general quality.

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        • Yes! That’s it exactly! A good actor is more than just good films. And on the other hand, I feel like SRK (and other actors) are not fully appreciated for the good films they make if they are mixed with bad films. SRK’s performances in Fan, Dear Zndagi, Raees, all brilliant. But they were less appreciated because he also made Dilwale and Happy New Year and those other things.

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      • Thank you. I don’t know Rahul Desai other than this video. That sounds annoying – his mistakes.

        Yes it’s been so so tough without my things and moving to a new country with pouring rain all this while in California. Finally all the rental furniture was picked up yesterday and i did order a tv and blender, should be getting them soon!!!! I’m so excited!!

        I thought so too about SRK, i agreed with you but i couldn’t tell if it is because I’m so immersed in his movies. Also – i feel that his performance in MNIK was unlike any other and so moving.

        Regarding Chopra movies, yes that totally makes sense. I remember he said that in DTPH every romantic scene he practised with Yash Chopra on the other side before performing it. Some of those scenes are in Arre re Arre making videos – so cute.

        I’m so excited about this year and especially Dunki!!! Waiting with bated breath


        • I am happy to be your confirmation person! SRK has gotten way way better as an actor over the years, but in terms of effort in the role and trying to create a character and so on, he’s been consistent. He never stopped or started being an actor, if that makes sense. He’s always done the very best he could as required by the role.

          Agree about MNIK, that performance is amazing. I’d put that with Fan and Jab Harry Met Sejal as my Best Acting PErformances picks. But I expect him to top himself as time goes on, because he truly is always growing and improving.

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          • Fan is so beyond amazing that I can’t even describe it. I find it hard to attribute to shahrukh because in my mind Gaurav is played by someone else – when I stop to remind myself that it was Shahrukh too, my mind in blown and I can’t put words to it.
            I wish they had marketed it better 😤


  3. Hello, just here to say Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is on Netflix! Made me happy.

    Also curious if anyone is watching/has watched Farzi or Rana Naidu? The trailers look good but I haven’t been ready to commit.

    Favorite gossip lately has been the Shakira/Piqué break-up, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Here’s a nice little summary with videos. The insta of Shakira cleaning in stillettos whole singing I might kill my ex was *chef’s kiss*.


  4. Woo-hoo, I’ve been watching stuff! So much stuff!

    Finally finished The Romantics, and it was so well done! It was the perfect sweet spot where things were explained enough for people not familiar with Indian film, without being tedious for people who are. The best example was the funny way they put across how unusual it is that Aditya was shown on camera. Anyway, just loved it. Oh, and Aditya’s idea for a theme park! I hate theme parks but I would go multiple times to a YRF theme park, to ride the Bunty aur Babli ride, or the Dhoom 3 roller coaster, and then eat at the Daawat-e-Ishq cafeteria!

    Ok, then I watched Trial by Fire. I know this won’t be on most DCIBers lists, and it is very sad and hard to watch in spots. But the parents’ courageous fight to make meaning out of the worst thing that could happen to them, through years of setbacks, was really inspiring to me.

    Qala: What was wrong with me last week? I must have been in a mood. This was gorgeous but way darker than I expected. I thought it was like the filmmaker had done her own twist all of those stories of parents being tyrannical to their children, and the children remain sweet and patient throughout it all, and then the parents say “whoopsies, sorry” and everything is fine. This movie shows the real damage that is done. I love Anvita’s beautiful movies but I hope eventually she does one that doesn’t require therapy afterward.

    Now I need a mood change and to see a happy Abhay, so watching Honeymoon Travels. Much quirkier than I thought it would be, veering on kind of silly, but I need that now. And I’m down for nearly anything with him and Raima Sen and Kay Kay and Shabana and Boman. I’m about halfway done and can’t wait to watch the rest.


    • Well, I will continue to not watch Qala!!! And obviously I was never planning to see Trial By Fire.

      But yes to The Romantics!!! And also yes to Honeymoon Travels, it is delightful, so glad you are watching it.


  5. Just a quick life sign:

    I didn’t even manage to catch “Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway” (Rani + child protection services), so I guess I’m not going to watch anything relevant to this blog ever again. My only excuse is that I was too busy preparing Baby’s second birthday.

    I’m almost finished with an academic book on where the first Africans in the English colonies in America came from. And it sort of explains the thing you knew about Angolans, that they were popular as slaves. Apparently, many of the first slaves were shipped from Angola, where quite a few people had already been christianized by the Portuguese. (Neighboring Kongo was the very first Christian kingdom in Africa and would have “exported” through Angola, too.)


    • Heck, I barely watch things relevant to this blog! Check out my answers for this post, same thing. Just swing by whenever you want some folks to chat with!

      So exciting that Baby is turning 2!!!! What is she interested in? Trucks? Horses? Dogs?

      And yay, an explanation for the one thing I knew about Angola!


      • She really really loves dancing. Sings along to everything and has an amazingly expressive face.
        I’m holding out hope that she’ll eventually take all the musical classes I’m too old for.


  6. I saw Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar which I really enjoyed and it’s inspiring me to do a rewatch of YJHD since it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

    I also watched Vaathi, Dhanush’s new movie, in theaters and I liked it quite a bit. It’s a quite cliche social message film but I liked it for the performances and the writing. Also this song has been on loop ever since it got released.

    Speaking of Dhanush, did you ever get to see Thiruchitrambalam?!?


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