Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to While I Worry About My Lawn?

Happy Wednesday!!!! I seeded my lawn about two weeks ago and the little tendrils are just coming up. Which is of course the most fragile moment, and I am so worried about them! I just want them to make it through to next week when they will be nice hardy plants.

I’ll start!

Reading: I took a break from Gone With the Wind and I’m reading the Ponniyin Selvam books. They are sooooooooooo good. I finished the first one (will put up a discussion post/review in 11 days!), and now I’m starting the second.

Watching: Not much! It feels like there’s not enough time in the day to let me watch things. Instead I’m planting things and reading things and cooking things and so on. Oh, and I’m about to start another semi-complicated sewing project that’s always exciting. Instead, I am listening to Agatha Christie BBC mystery dramas. She’s just SO GOOD.

Thinking: New garden plan! This year, my goal is Nothing Dies. I have a nice healthy strawberry plant already, I’m gonna wait a little longer until I can buy BIG seedlings from the greenhouses for a little pepper plant and maybe a mini-cucumber plant. Those can all go in hanging pots (no weeding). And then, once again, PUMPKINS! I’m gonna crack it this year, I’m gonna manage to actually grow one.

Listening: While reading Ponniyin Selvam, it only makes sense to also listen to Ponniyin Selvam!

Now, question for you! In honor of Naina’s birthday, I want to do an SRK one!!! Multiple choice:

Would you rather see SRK play:

  1. A father
  2. A brother
  3. A husband
  4. A lover

My choice, FATHER! Not just because of his age, I think his “I am love” image onscreen can do a lot more than just being “a lover”. I would want to see him in something like Amitabh’s roles in Baghban or Baabul, giving everything to his kids.


27 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to While I Worry About My Lawn?

  1. I would love to see SRK play a father to grown children, so not Bhootnath type Thing. So I’m with you!! I guess it’s also going to meet my needs of not having actual caring and loving parents. 😀

    What’s your sewing project? I’ve picked up sewing in the last 6 weeks. I made my first kurta, learnt from it and want to make it better the next time.

    I also want to learn to stitch a semi-patiala salwar and a shift dress next!


  2. I went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy III yesterday. I couldn’t believe such a bad movie got 8.5 on IMDb. I just kept seeing racism in the movie. How the villain was black and a couple of east asian-looking people on either side and white dude hero making everyone suffer through this rambling and then the undertones of war, Nazi ideology. I kept thinking back to one of your posts about how a culture has familiar story lines that keep reappearing in different forms Eg ramayan, Maneka, Mahabharata in india and world war 2 in USA.

    Clearly the movie was not good enough for me to be able to relax into it and enjoy it.


  3. Watching : I’m now responsible for keeping Big Boy company during his TV time. Which means I’ve started to pick up my first words of Japanese. Apparently “sugoi” means “wow”.

    And Netflix just let me know that they have a new documentary on queen Njinga of Angola, so I have a new project.

    Thinking : It’s interesting to see how much you learn about handyworks when you suddenly own real estate and try to set it up to your own tastes. The kids have already learned that there’s a bakery at the hardware store.


  4. I’m in a vicious circle of bad movies. Help!
    I started telugu movie Savitri, and in the beginning it was fun because it’s about a girl who was born during a wedding and she is obsessed with marriage and weddings and can’t wait to have her own. I found it a little old style but also cute so I continued watching and oh my. The girl is an absolute idiot. Her older sister is forced to marry a guy she doesn’t like and she plans to elope, but the heroine sees her and is like: how can you escape? It’s a wedding! But if you don’t want this guy, can I take your place? Later someone tells her that if the older sister elopes nobody will marry her, so she rats the sister and gets her marry the guy. If it wasn’t enough, later the heroine travels in a train. She sees an eloped couple and not only she calls the family of the girl, but when they arrive she helps the goons find the couple. I just couldn’t keep watching . What a stupid film!

    And today I wasn’t sure what I should watch and I chose another telugu movie – Romantic. I hope it will be something like #RX100 but unfortunately no. I managed to watch the first half and had to stop because it was too stupid. Later I discovered it was written by Puri Jagannadh and everything became clear to me: the guy is bad, the girl hardly speaks and is there only to excite the hero + a lot of violence. Typical Puri movie. I hate his stories and avoid the movies he directs but I didn’t know he also writes scripts for others. Bad movie, and even worse music. of the songs is titled “If You Are Mad I’m Your Dad” and the other one is the worst song I have ever heard in an Indian movie:


      • Ghosted looks good. I It’s something my husband would also like I guess.

        In the meantime I watched old tamil movie Aasai with baby Ajith and Prakash Raj. I loved the old pre-digital cameras look, the plot about the family, and the story, but I just don’t have the patience to all those long songs. The hero falls in love-song, 5 minutes later the heroine falls in love – song, they become a couple – song, the argue – song. And every one is at least 5 minutes long. But the plot was good SPOILERS

        It’s a story about a girl named Yamuna who misses her married sister who lives in Delhi. She writes a letter to invite her and adds her actual photo. The sister comes with her husband and newborn baby and they pass few happy days together. Nobody knows that the only reason the son-in-law decided to come is because he fell in love with Yamuna and is now plotting to get rid of his wife and marry the younger sister. Prakash Raj plays the brother-in-law and OMG he is so creepy. IMO he is at the same level as SRK in Darr. Strangely he didn’t win any award for this role 😦


          • Ajith made another “brother in law in love with bhabi” Movie few years later – Vaalee. It’s even more creepy because he plays the husband and brother-in-law, and in some scenes the villain pretends to be the hubby to have sex with the girl. Crazy days.


  5. I’m totally with you on the father thing. I’ve been stuck on the idea of him playing some kind of Atticus Finch type character for ages. No love interest, but an incredibly loving father as well as a complex character in his own right. Of course, I don’t know how to put that kind of character in an Indian movie, but I think he could do really well with a character like that in a drama. I think it was Aditya Chopra who said that we’ve only seen 10% of what SRK is capable of as an actor. I want to see the rest and it’s not gonna be an action movie that brings it out.


    • Wow!! That’s super interesting. Now I want to see him in a complex mystery / crime / war drama. Something like a beautiful mind or some of the really different roles Kate Winslet has done. I would love him to play the male equivalent of Mare in Mare of East town. Of course none of this is mass-y or the kind of cinema he wants to do. I’m hoping Dunki will show us more of Shahrukh, the actor.


  6. I saw Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar – I didn’t adore it, but I didn’t hate it. The ending was odd, if they showed construction and them buiding another floor it wouldn’t have been odd, but they showed none of that.

    Reading Killers of the Flower Moon, great book, didn’t realize that it was basically a true crime novel.

    Thinking that plants die, and while thriving plants are always the goal, it is a goal that is rarely achieved in containers. Even in the ground, thriving plants tend to require regular fertilizer to thrive. Except for Jackie Shroff’s spider plants, those will thrive in indoors anywhere! Plan on fertalizing a hanging mini cucumber plant regularly, perhaps with fish fertalizer (liquid fish emulsion).

    I’m going to jump on the SRK as a father bandwagon – definitely would like to see that more on film.


    • I also have my own compost bin! Which is mostly to prevent landfill, I don’t really have a plan on what to DO with the compost. But I guess I can use it to feed my plants?


      • Truthfully for most vegetables you can plant them in straight compost. But just in case yours is different from my compost mix it 1/2 and 1/2 with potting soil.


  7. I just discovered that Samantha’s Shaakuntalam is avaiable on Prime Video. It was in cinemas like few days ago, and now it’s already in streaming! I know it will be terrible but I just have to watch it.


  8. I had a few days off last week and I had a goal of movie catching-up and then I watched one episode each of Jubilee and Delhi Crime and then my television broke (it’s been threatening to break for literally years, so not entirely unexpected).

    Just LOVE Jubilee! The first one is the story of Devika Rani running off, but fictionalized to be much more thrilling (and really does a number on Ashok Kumar). Sets and costumes are so great, and I love seeing Prosenjit.

    Delhi Crime is, as you might expect, quite different in tone. It’s the second season, so not based on an actual crime (I think), which makes it a bit easier to watch. Thrilling and great acting about cops who act, and look, like real people.

    I think Shahrukh as a father would be great–not a happy fun father, but like Raees, only he’s a father. You know what I mean? Principled and dealing with difficult things. Only it ends happily.


    • Oh man! Jubilee is as good as I thought it might be! I think I’m gonna have to make a date to watch it with my movie friend so we can nerd out together.


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