Fan Vid Time! Adele, Elvis, Britney, and Shahrukh!

So, I was in the mood for some good new SRK fanvids last night.  Who knows why!  Maybe it was something I ate, maybe it was that I just re-watched Asoka, maybe it was because I was spending too long staring at the incredibly sexy Dabboo Ratnani photos…. (It’s the photos).

Anyway, here are some of the best ones I found!

I would not have thought that Elvis and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi would be a good mix, but they totally are!


Absolutely thought Adele and SRK would mix well.  But would not have thought of Asoka for this.  And it works so well!  I love bitter, heartbroken, and brutal Shahrukh!


And there’s another one!


And of course, evil Shahrukh leads to thoughts of Don.


And thoughts of Don, leads to thoughts of just straight up sexy SRK (Dabboo Ratnani, you have got to stop rotting my brain every January!)


(check out slashfic fanvids here, and general fanvid types here)

8 thoughts on “Fan Vid Time! Adele, Elvis, Britney, and Shahrukh!

    • It’s much better than I remembered! I think it’s just that the first half hour (to me) is the worst bit. There’s terrible hair, and Asoka the character isn’t very well defined, and there is so much exposition. But once Shahrukh goes into exile and cuts his hair and actually interacts with people, it gets really good! So fold laundry or something for the first half hour, and then start paying attention, and it becomes a much better movie.


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