Happy International Dance Day! It May Be a Made Up Holiday, But I’m Still Celebrating!

Thanks to Amitabh’s twitter, I just learned that 4/29/2016 is International Dance Day.  I had a half moment of thinking someone was punking him, but a bit of googling confirmed that it is actually a thing!  Created by the International Dance Council, a UNESCO partner group.  Which means it is enough of a thing that I can celebrate by posting the best, or at least my favorite, dances!  Well, some of them.  Good news is, this is apparently an annual thing, so I can come up with a whole different list next year!

  1.  1. I am so tempted to just make this all Madhuri, but that feels like cheating, right?  So I am going to try to limit it to just the Madhuri numbers that really fully utilize her dancing abilities and training, not just clever editing and easy sexy moves (although those are good too).  So, for tricky dancing Madhuri, it’s got to be this!  In which she goes toe to toe with India’s greatest dancer, and knocks him out!


2. Okay, one more Madhuri!


3. I could do another Madhuri, but it is time to move on to someone male.  You know, just to balance.  But I’m still going to look for the songs that have the long edits and the complicated moves, not just the easy crowd pleaser stuff.

(Do you know how hard it was to find a copy of this?  So hard!  Youtube bought the rights to the whole movie, and now they won’t let anyone post the song videos)

4.  Hrithik is the best, but he’s not the only man in town who can really really dance.


5. Oh my gosh!  I almost forgot Helen!  That’s horrible!  Thank goodness I remembered in time to remedy that.  I don’t know if I necessarily even like this particular song, but I find it fascinating, and it definitely shows her variety of dancing abilities.


6. Speaking of item numbers, this one is freaking awesome, and involves some dancing that is so good it looks easy.  Not from the Bachchan’s, they are friendly but terrible.  But from Aish.  She takes really simple moves and just adds that extra little roll, or tip of the head, or flip of the eye, and it’s on a whole new level.


7.  Oh, that reminds me of my all time favorite item song!  I already posted about the lead dancer, my favorite, but really the whole song is amazing.  Partly because their dancing is just so violent and emphatic and aggressive.


8.  Okay, enough of this fooling around!  Time to get to the serious dancing that we have been waiting for.


9.  And if that goes up, I immediately want to see this:


10.  Oh oh!  And this!


11.  Which of course leads to this (which I think is an homage to one of my other favorite dances, from An American in Paris)


12.  And so long as I am doing 90s Rahman classics with awesome complex and beautiful dance routines…


13.  Well, all of those were very nice, but let’s be real here, if we are talking about the greatest dance performances in Indian film, there is only one correct answer.


12 thoughts on “Happy International Dance Day! It May Be a Made Up Holiday, But I’m Still Celebrating!

  1. Lol – you must think I’m a bit dopey – when I first read this blog it was on my iPad and the title of the movie didn’t show in the Hrithik clip. Now on my PC it does…


    • Not at all! It’s a funky non-youtube clip, because the songs from that movie are surprisingly difficult to find. Which is especially frustrating, because it’s an okay movie, but the songs are fantastic.


    • Oh yeah, the Deol family, famous for their graceful and subtle dance moves!

      Although, I did actually consider including some kind of Bhangra. But I was torn between Number 1 Punjabi and Nagada Nagada, not any Doel songs.


  2. To be fair – no Bollywood movie has ever done justice to bhangra. Ever, NOT even dance shows in India. Everyone in India treats it as the simple dance move which will be popular anyway so let’s not waste effort on it. It’s one thing that grates me. A LOT.

    Dancing shows outside of India that have done bhangra have done a better job than those in India.
    Of course I’m not going to compare any of them to the huge bhangra competitions in the US etc where you see bhangra talent – those kids are at another level.


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