Late AbRam Birthday Post: Is He A Cute 3 Year Old, or THE CUTEST Three Year Old

AbRam is getting so big!  Well, big in terms of age, he is still a little pocket-sized nubbin in terms of mass.  He turned 3 a few days ago, and I am finally getting around to doing a very abbreviated post about it.  We don’t have many AbRam facts, or official videos, but we do have some really cute candid things.  So I am putting up a tiny little post to match his tiny little body.

First, his reaction to being greeted at the airport by random reporters wishing him happy birthday;

(Aw, little kid eye circles from an 8 hour flight from London!  Time to go home and sleep in his own tiny little bed)

The adorable visit to the Cricket ground that I already wrote about, but didn’t include the video:

Good thing AbRam was at the game, because it looks like otherwise it was super depressing!  But if you go 35 seconds into this video, you can see him doing a little cheering up dance.


And, of course, his film debut!


4 thoughts on “Late AbRam Birthday Post: Is He A Cute 3 Year Old, or THE CUTEST Three Year Old

  1. I’m with Gauri on this one.Abram doesn’t need to be in the limelight when he’s so young.The kid will have a difficult time getting used to normal life later on.


    • I don’t know, I was just looking up some old pictures, and this is pretty much how Abhishek grew up. And he turned out okay!

      I also wonder, since SRK is slowing down so much, if he is counting on being less spectacularly famous within a few years. So maybe he isn’t worried about AbRam handling all the lights and crowds when he is too young for it to really make an impact, since it will all be gone by the time he is old enough to realize what is happening?

      Most importantly, I need my cute AbRam videos in my life! Don’t take them away from me!


  2. Everybody needs Abram videos in their life:) SRK slowing down? That man has only one speed- HIGH.I think it fell to Gauri to play the strict disciplinarian.It’s a miracle that Abishek turned out to be so normal.But I feel a little sorry for him.Overshadowed by his father for most of his life and then by his wife.


    • Okay, not slowing down 🙂 Becoming less concerned with maintaining his superstardom. 5 years from now, when AbRam is in school, he could be working 20 hour days at the Red Chillies office and doing a film every other year, instead of all the public appearances and so on.

      What must really sting for Abhishek, now he is over-shadowed by his 4 year old daughter!


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