Did You Know There is a Cricket Match Going On Right Now?

My views took a sudden dive and I couldn’t figure out why.  And then I got an alert from HotStar about an Indo-Pak cricket game, and I am thinking these things are probably related.

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A History of Cricketer and Movie Star Romances

Congrats again to Anushka and Virat!  In their honor, I am pulling out and updating a post I did a few years back on the intersection between Cricket and Hindi film stars.

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Late AbRam Birthday Post: Is He A Cute 3 Year Old, or THE CUTEST Three Year Old

AbRam is getting so big!  Well, big in terms of age, he is still a little pocket-sized nubbin in terms of mass.  He turned 3 a few days ago, and I am finally getting around to doing a very abbreviated post about it.  We don’t have many AbRam facts, or official videos, but we do have some really cute candid things.  So I am putting up a tiny little post to match his tiny little body.

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