Missed Watching K3G With Me? There is Another Way!

So, I and a few other lovely people stayed up very late/woke up very early to watch K3G together on twitter.  And if you missed it, there is a way to relive the experience!

You can always just dig through my twitter feed, and find the 3 and a half hour chunk where I said something every 30 seconds.  I have A LOT to say about K3G.  Not because it is the deepest film in the world, but because I have shown it to people sooooooooooooooo many times, and I have comments locked and loaded for every frame of film.

Or, you can search for “#k3g”, and our whole conversation should pop-up.But if you don’t want to dig through twitter, or if you want to see the edited and perfected version,

check out this cool “storify” post



And if you couldn’t make it this time and wish you could have been there, or if you were there and want to do it again, or if you just found out about it now when it is already too late, we can always do it again!  What do you think?


If you are interested in another twitter watch along, let me know in the comments.  And feel free to suggest a film!



11 thoughts on “Missed Watching K3G With Me? There is Another Way!

    • What fun! Mohabbetein and Don leap out to me as the ones I have the most to say about! But all of them look good (although my personal favorite Shahrukh first date scenes are Chalte Chalte and Ram-Jaane)

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