News Post: 2 Trailers and a Death

Well, “trailers”.  There is a legitimate new trailer for Mohenjo Daro, but there is just a first look image for Baar Baar Dekho, which I actually forgot was even happening.  This is what happens when you don’t cast any big names in your film!  The gossip press doesn’t feel the need to keep us updated on the filming and it ends up being ready for release without anyone realizing it.

Baar Baar Dekho first.  I become suddenly excited for this when I put it together that this must be the reason I will get to see Katrina live on stage next month.  She is part of that ramshackle Karan Johar tour, which includes this very odd combination of people (Varun, Alia, Siddharth, Katrina, Baadshah).  But now it is aaaaaalllllllllll coming together!  These must be all the people with upcoming major Dharma releases, and Karan is taking them out around the globe to promote everything at once.  Which means, whatever this song is, I will probably get to hear and see it performed live.  Woo!


As for the image itself, all I can say is that is either photoshop, or an optical illusion, or Katrina is just really really really really really really skinny!

Mohenjo Daro has a new song out too, and I continue to be conflicted.  I don’t know, it just feels oddly low-budget somehow?  Like it is supposed to be this big propulsive dance number, and instead it’s 20 guys in a cave?  Again, just as I did for the love song they released earlier, I still have hopes that it will work in context.  Maybe the point is that this is such a small old civilization, 20 guys in a cave IS  a big deal for them?  And I have to say, I do like the sound of the song a lot better having seen the visuals to sort of make it fall into place for me.  Although, Pooja Hegde’s hats continue to be hilarious.


Oh, and Mohammed Shahid died.  No idea who that was, but Shahrukh tweeted about it, so I looked it up.  He was a star Hockey player for India back in the early eighties, and Shahrukh said he was an idol of his.  And that he met him while working on Chak De India.  Awwww!  That’s nice!  Let’s have a little Chak De India video to celebrate his life.

4 thoughts on “News Post: 2 Trailers and a Death

    • Okay, I guess I’ll believe it! But taking another look, there is definitely some visual illusion happening in that picture, just with Siddharth stretching out his arms and making himself look big, and her pulling herself as small as possible.


  1. Just an FYI: Since you aim to cover Indian cinema. I don’t see “Kabali” mentioned anywhere? Its a Tamil film, Super Star Rajinikanth’s latest. You should #kabali on FB, its releasing today, it should be in a theater near you (where ever you are… I am that confident 😉

    The going serious joke in Tamil Nadu is “Salman releases his movie Sultan on a holiday, When Rajini releases his movie, it becomes a Holiday”. Its true lots of companies in Chennai have given the day off. Will love to see your take on the movie & the hysteria around it.


    • You are the second person to mention that today! I’ve been avoiding covering it, because I don’t feel like I really have anything new or interesting to say, I know so little about the Southern industries.

      But since you are right, it is the biggest news happening today, I really should acknowledge it! Look for a post soon. Oh, and you are right about the theater near me too! The all-Indian theater I usually go to has given up all 6 screens to it, they are literally playing nothing else for the next week.


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