Happy Birthday Akshay!!! The Final 25 Reasons I Love You!!!!

I already posted my first 24 reasons, here are the final 25 to get us all the way up to 49 and one for every year of your life!!!

25. I love you because you continued to buck the trends in the 2000s, just as you did action comedies in the 90s while everyone else did romances, in the 2000s you embraced romance and small budget thoughtful pictures while everyone else went after the action market.

26. I love you because you brought along a whole new generation of actresses, continuing to let your co-stars shine whether they were Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, or Katrina Kaif.

27. I love you because you were the first actor that the international investors looked at, bringing you on board for Chandni Chowk to China.

28. I love you because you are willing to goof off with your wife in public, and I find it charming, even when police cases are filed against you.

Image result for akshay twinkle fashion show

29. I love you because when you married your wife, you also adopted her mother as your own, and regularly appear in support of her projects, and with her in public, not something every son-in-law does.  And you seem to genuinely like her, too!

Image result for akshay dimple

30. I love you because when your father-in-law died in 2012, you took charge and handled all the massively complicated arrangements, as well as serving as the face of the family for all public announcements.

Image result for akshay rajesh khanna


31. I love you because you were in this incredibly catching song from Humko Deewana Kar Gaye that I had playing constantly in my head for basically all of 2006.  Very good finals studying music.


32. Speaking of catchy songs from flawed movies, this one is also a huge guilty pleasure for me!


33. Oh oh!  It’s another excuse to post my all time favorite version of “Hare Krishna”!!!  Which is taken to a whole other level by your excellent cool guy head nods and jacket adjustments.


35. And to round out the “okay movies-great songs” array, this one!


36. I love you because, in your post-2000s era with your stardom assured for all time, you weren’t afraid to make fun of your persona, notably in this amazing sequence.


37. And in most of Tashan, where you managed to play the fearless and great in a fight character, but were also willing to play it just the slightest bit dim.

38. I love you because maybe you didn’t mind playing dim onscreen, since your actions off screen during this period were so clearly proving your intelligence.  For instance, finding and producing the low budget gem Oh My God.

39. Or talking a risk on a thoughtful different kinds of films, like Special 26 or Baby.

40.  And I love you because, this year alone, you proved your ability to make a profit through finding a good script and using savvy low budget marketing, with both Airlift and Rustom breaking records.

41. I love you because we can add Kylie Minogue to the list of women with whom you have great onscreen chemistry.


42.  I love you because I honestly think your performance in Patiala House was a worldclass acting triumph.  It shows more in the sad songs, but it’s your birthday, so here’s a celebration song instead.


43. I love you because you had no problem strutting your stuff as a male stripper in Desi Boyz.


44. I love you because you can pull off a mustache when you have to, for a mustache role.


45.  And you can also pull off a flute, when it’s a “flute” kind of role.


46.  And at the same time, not be afraid to return to your Khiladi roots!


47. And you can drop a dreamy romantic ballad in the middle of a huge action movie.


48. You can put another ballad into a realistic historical drama, and make it all fit.


49. But mostly, I love you because you were willing to do this ridiculous and wonderful cameo!!!!


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