New Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Video! Is It Possible This Whole Thing Is About a Love For Coats?

New Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song video!  Which shows new clips, but they don’t really reveal anything we didn’t already know.  Except, so many coats!  I’m really excited for coat weather now.

So, the song is promoted as a Sufi piece, and I am sure that it is in terms of the musical techniques and all that define something as Sufi.  But it is played by a kind of rock band style group, which makes it sound really different.  So that’s cool!  Mixing Sufi and rock!


In terms of plot hints, it’s kind of what we already saw, but more so.  Aish is sooooooooo sexy.  And Anushka is just nice.  Also, Ranbir is all sex sex sex with Aish, but he’s all “I sincerely care about and enjoy spending time with” with Anushka.  The moment when he checks her forehead for fever, or just watches and smiles at her while she plays video games, we don’t really see anything equivalent with Aish.

But mostly, the coats!  By halfway through, I was thinking maybe I needed to buy a new one.  And I already have 5!

But, look at this amazing trench on Aish!  Coming together in beautiful unity with Ranbir’s pea coat.


Or, her awesome navy thing with the big soft wool color.  I just want to rub my cheek on it!


Or, her white coat!  I know it’s completely impractical to have a white coat (possible character touch?  She is the kind of heedless mad woman who would buy a white coat?), but it’s so pretty!


But it’s not just Aish!  Even Ranbir, in his arty rockstar way, has this really interesting sort of drape-y full length thing.


And Anushka!  In her more cheerful and practical mode, a perfectly reasonable half-length thing, but in pink!  I want a pink coat (to go with my current yellow, maroon, green, black, and tan options)!  Plus, she has that super soft white stuff at the color, just like Aish does.  It’s a sign!  They are the same, underneath!  Or, the same designer did both their costumes.  One or the other.


And then there are the actual practical options.  Which, I guess if it’s cold enough that you need the full puffy style of coat, you might as well go for bright red.




9 thoughts on “New Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Video! Is It Possible This Whole Thing Is About a Love For Coats?

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